The First Baptist Church of/in Portland

    "In 1848, the first Baptist meeting house was built in this place (Gaston)."   

     "In 1848, the first Willamette Baptist Association was organized in Gaston, at which time there were six Baptist churches in the state."

1850-- "the first steps toward the organization of a Baptist church was taken.  In this year, Hezekiah Johnson secured from Stephen Coffin, the donation of a half block on the south side of Alder Street between Fourth and Fifth Avenues.  Five years later a church organization was perfected with ten members.  Rev. W. F. Boyakin was chosen pastor and Josiah Failing, deacon.  Gaston says the church was unfortunate in the choice of a pastor and in 1860, only three members remained.
    With the hope of reviving the church, the Willamette Association appealed to the American Baptist Home Mission Society to place a missionary on the field.  In response to the request, Rev. Samuel Cornelius, DD was sent to labor in Portland,  He arrived in June 1860, and on the first Sunday in July preached in the Methodist church.  A public hall on First Street was afterward secured where regular meetings were held until 1862 when the basement of the church on Fourth and Alder Streets was so far completed as to be used for religious services."

1869--"March 9, church society incorporated."

1870--"January, church edifice completed and dedicated."

1872 or 73--"Church became self supporting." 

1874--"a Baptist Sunday was started in Stephens addition, East Portland."

1878--"twenty-two members of the First Church were dismissed to form the First Baptist Church of East Portland and about the same time a chapel in Stephens addition was dedicated."

1880--"December, Rev. John A Gray remained for three years, The church enlarged and refitted."

1884--"May, JQA Henry became pastor, stayed 4 years."

1890--"3rd Baptist "(no further entry after that)

    These accounts and others, were compiled by Harley Hallgren for the 1934, Temple's Golden Jubilee Celebration.

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