Esther Berglund

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    Esther Josefina Berglund was born in the Västmanland region of Sweden in 1902.  When she was 7 months old her parents immigrated to America, first settling in Nebraska and then in 1907 coming West to Oregon.  The settled in Colton, a small Swedish community southeast of Portland.  As the oldest of eight children, she carried a heavy load at home, especially after her father died at the young age of 44.  When her mother passed away a few years later, Esther filled the maternal role of the family.  After graduating from high school, Esther attended training at the Emanuel School of Nursing in Portland and during this time began attending the Swedish Baptist Temple (now known as Temple Baptist Church).  She sensed a call to Christian service and joined the Salvation Army as a nurse.  Esther was the head nurse at the White Shield Home for unwed mothers in Portland.  As a Salvation Army Captain she was the superintendent of several Army homes including Boise, Denver, Spokane and Honolulu, Hawaii.  

    After retiring from the Salvation Army in 1946, she continued to work as a nurse and caring for her extended Family.  Countless times she extended a helping hand when some was in need.  Her entire life was one of loving and caring for others.

    Esther passed away on April 10, 1978 in Salem, Oregon.

Above information supplied by Marilyn Edgar, a niece of Esther's. Thank you!!


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