Nathaniel Sjolander

    Mr. Sjolander was born in Ljusdal, Helsingland, Sweden on November 6, 1889 and moved to New York City in 1911.  He arrived in Brooklyn from Osthammer, Sweden.  He came to Portland in 1917 where he lived at his home on North Concord Avenue.  Mr. Sjolander was baptized into the church membership on April 7, 1918.  He was a brother of Rev. Gideon Sjolander.  Nathaniel married Ardis Margaret.  She passed away on May 5, 1966.  Nate and Ardis were faithful members of Temple.  Nate served on the Board of Deacons for many years.  He was a member of the brick layers union.  They had three daughters, Marilyn, Carolyn and Linda.  Marilyn and Carolyn were twin daughters.  Carolyn died when she was 18 years old.  My Parents and the Sjolanders would often visit each other usually on Sundays after church for dinner.  After Mr. Sjolander retired from Masonry work he gave me some of his brick laying tools which I used building things when we moved to the property we bought near Bethany.
    Mr. Sjolander died on January 17, 1970.

In Carolyn Sjolander's Memory
A little angel from above
     Has been visiting our place.
    She was so sweet, so full of love,
        That comes with God's own grace.

    She loved her Lord and gave Him praise
        For all He'd done for her;
    And never failed her voice to raise
        In witnessing and prayer.

    She only wished her life to give,
        A sacrifice to Him
    Who died that others still may live,
        And sing with cherubim.

    The praise and glory to the One
        Who was for sinners slain,
    And now the battle ere is won
        Her life was not in vain.

    Thanks to the Lord who gives us breath,
        Thanks to the Lord that conquered death,
    Thanks to the Lord that molds our will
        To be obedient, silent and still.
Composed by Nathaniel Sjolander, her father

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