The following document is from Notes compiled by Harley Hallgren and written by Amy Gustafson. (read at a Palmblad Clan meeting August 19, 1934.)




    "Golden Jubilee of Swedish Baptist Temple."
Portland Oregon-1934

    "The honor of being the only living charter member of the Swedish Baptist Temple at East Seventh and Clackamas Streets, Portland, was bestowed upon our Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother, Mrs. August Palmblad, when the church celebrated its Golden Jubilee-January 1st to 7th, 1934.
    "Mrs. Palmblad was present during the Anniversary Services and took an active part.
    "On Tuesday, January 3rd of this service, a history of the events of the church was given.  Included in this was a talk by Paul Palmblad, who spoke regarding the prevailing conditions at that time.  All of Mrs. Palmblad's children and several of her grand children were present at this service to show her the esteem to which she is held.
    "May we all follow in her footsteps and uphold her traditions for the betterment of Christianity, the Home and the Church."
                                                     Amy Gustafson  (read at clan meeting August 19, 1934)

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