First Swedish Baptist Church
 Young People's Society
June 1923


    This picture was taken on the steps of the First Swedish Baptist Church on 15th and Hoyt and marks the 35th Anniversary of the Young People's Society.

Sitting in Front:  Charles Fosberg, O. S. Rydman 

1st Row: L-R:  B. C. Selberg, John Dahm, Raymond Vester, Rev. Gideon Sjolander,_____________, Flavia Westerlund, Gerda (Brask) Salstrom, Agnes Johnson and standing - Mrs. Captain Johnson

2nd Row: __________, ___________, Ina (Carlson) Chesney, F. G. Salstrom, __________, Emily Neil, _______, ______________.

3rd Row:  Leonard Anderson, Marion Selberg, Ruth Lundstrom, ____________, Ernie Johnson, Alma Nelson Westin.

4th Row:  ___________, __________________, _____________, _____________. 

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