Events that occurred in 1811, from the notes of Harley K. Hallgren

    A fur trading post was established at Astoria in 1811, by John Jacob Astor's Pacific Fur Company close to the log fort in which Lewis and Clark had passed the winter of 1805-06.  One group of Astor's company sailed from New York around Cape Horn arriving in March, 1811, at the mouth of the Columbia River, where eight members of the party lost their lives in an unskillful attempt to enter the river.  Another group took the overland route and arrived about a year later.  (See the book, 'Astoria by Washington Irving'.)
    In 1813, the fort passed into the hands of British traders who renamed it Fort George.
    In 1818, Astoria was restored to American ownership and the United States and Great Britain agreed to a ten-year joint occupation of the Oregon Country which included what is now the state of Oregon, also Idaho and Washington and (part of British Columbia.)

    These accounts and others following, were written by Harley Hallgren for the 1934, Temple's Golden Jubilee Celebration.

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