This schedule is pages 4 and 5 of the 1929 Church Address Book


Pastor--Rev. J. Alfred Erikson, - 709 Fremont St.- Garfield 1511
Vice Chairman--
Axel Carlson, - 159 W. Humbolt St. - Walnut 4293
Lee W. Johnson., - 428 Clackamas St.
Vice Secretary--
James Johnson, - 1193 Failing St. - Garfield 5694
Historical Secretary
--Chas. Fosberg, - 50 E. 68th St. -  Tabor 9544
Financial Secretary
--Mrs. Ernest Duren, - 2419 71st St. S.E. - Sunset 4221
--Mrs. Emil Peterson, - 60 E 69th St. - Tabor 3099
Axel Carlson, - Walnut 4293 
    Claus Oak,  - East 6062
    1 year, Axel Carlson and Claus Oak.
    2 years, O. S. Rydman and Carl Ostrom.
3 years, Verner Carlson and Fred Johnson.
    4 years, Axel Anderson and Oscar Anderson.
5 years, Ernie Johnson and Harley K. Hallgren.
    Honorary members-- C. A. Carlson and G. Gustafson.
Mrs. Gideon Sjolander.- Walnut 6430.
    Mrs. Arthur B. Carlson, 
    Mrs. Verner Carlson, 
    Mrs. Wm. Mattson 
    Mrs. Sven Larson.
Honorary members-- Mrs. Captain Johnson, Mrs. Gust Hallgren.
Chairman--A. G. Rydman - Res., Trinity 4073 - Office Tr. 7823.
    Vice Chairman--Emil G. Peterson.- Tabor 3099.
    Secretary-Treasurer, Alfred F. Johnson.- Res., Trinity 3009. -Office Broadway 4004
    1 year--Albin Rydman and Emil G. Peterson.
    2 years--A. Leonard Anderson and Alfred Johnson.
    3 years--John Loyd and B. C. Selberg.
--S. L. Larson,- 426 E. 30th. St. -N.  Trinity 6247
Song Leader--
Mrs. J. Alfred Erikson.  -Garfield 1511.
Assistant Song Leader
--Alfred Johnson.  -Trinity 3009.
                                         Joe Engstrom, -1285 Minnesota Ave.  
Music Committee
Chairman, Mrs. Ben C. Selberg -Walnut 2934, 
    Mrs. J. Alfred Erikson, 
    Mrs. Fritz Salstrom, 
    John Loyd, 
    Waldenar Pearson.
Publicity Committee
Chairman, O. S. Rydman, -Trinity 7823.  
    Ernest Hanson, 
    Dr. Fritz Salstrom, 
    Arthur B. Carlson, 
    Hazel Olson.
Chief Usher--
A. G. Rydman, -Trinity 4073
William H. Dahlgren, 
    Walfred Anderson, 
    Ernest Duren, 
    Emil Peterson, 
    Dr. Fitz Salstrom. 
    Carl Wahlner, 
    Milton Carlson, 
    Arthur Cedarquest.
Committee on Christian Training
Rev. J. Alfred Erikson,- Garfield 1511;
     Josephine Niel, -Garfield 8914; 
    Harley K. Hallgren, 
    Mrs. Gideon Sjolander.
Reception Committee
Chairman-- Mrs. Emil Peterson,- Tabor 3099; 
    Mrs. Arthur B. Carlson, 
    Mrs. Sven Larson, 
    Mrs. Chas. F. Fosberg, 
    Mrs. Alf. Johnson.
Church Building Finance Committee
The Pastor, Deacons, Trustees and following members: 
        Chairman--O. S. Rydman, -Trinity 8723.
        Secretary--Ernie Johnson, -Garfield 4833.
Treasurer--Sven Larson, -Trinity 6247.
        Assistant Treasurer--Ernest Hanson, -Walnut 3345.
            Eric Lindquist, 
            Arthur B. Carlson, 
            Wm. Mattson, 
            Carl Anderson, 
            Dr. Fritz Salstrom, 
            Nels Nelson. 
Sunday School
Superintendent--O. S. Rydman, -305 Morris St., -Trinity 7823.
    Vice Superintendent--Dr. Fritz Salstrom, -East 8795.
    Secretary--Mrs. Joel Engstrom.
    Vice Secretary--Eugene Rydman
    Treasurer--Mrs. Carl Ostrom, -Garfield 2428
    Song Leader--Alfred Johnson
    Pianist--Ina Carlson
    Vice Pianist--Helen Tjernlund.
    Librarians--Chas. Fosberg, Elizabeth Johnson, Elna Anderson.
    Birthday Treasurer--Mrs. Alfred Johnson.
    Cradle Roll--Mrs. Carl Holmgren
    Vice Cradle Roll--Mrs. Verner Carlson
President--Edwin Johnson -847 Capitol Ave., - Walnut 0822.
    Vice President Helen Tjernlund, - 893 Glenn Ave. N., - Garfield 6887.
    Secretary--Gladys Carlson -940 E. Caruthers - Sellwood 1231.
    Treasurer--Waldemar Pearson -Trinity 5407.
    Corresponding Secretary--Mildred Danielson.
    Pianist--Ina Carlson.
    Vice Pianist--Ruth Erikson
    Librarians--Roger Larson, 
        Mable Johnson, 
        Miss Margaret Johnson.
Mission Circle
Chairman--Mrs. Arthur B. Carlson -940 E. Caruthers St,. -Sellwood 1231
    Vice Chairman--Mrs. Ben Selberg -71 E. Webster -Walnut 2934.
    Secretary--Mrs. Carl Anderson -121 Sumner St. -Walnut 6867
    Vice Secretary--Mrs. Carl Holmgren
    Treasurer--Mrs. Sven Larson -Trinity 6247
    Vice Treasurer--Mrs. Axel Anderson
    Pianists--Mrs. Ernie Johnson, 
                  Mrs. Ninnian Westerlund
Program Committee
The Executive Committee of the Mission Circle.
Flower Committee
Mrs. Wm. Mattson, -Walnut 6055
    Mrs. Elmer Hanson -Walnut 4990
Decoration Committee
Chairman--Mrs. Ida Johnson -Garfield 5549
    Mrs. Gust Brunander
    Mrs. Emil O. Johnson 
Mrs. Frank Ryberg
    Mrs. Hj. Soderberg
    Mrs. Chas. Berg
    Mrs. Chas. Fosberg
    Mrs. A. Leonard Anderson

Church Standing Finance Committee
The Pastor, Trustees and following members and officers;
        Chairman--Albin Rydman  Trinity 4073
        Vice Chairman--Emil G. Peterson  Tabor 3099
        Secretary and Treasurer--Alfred F. Johnson
            Axel Carlson
            Mrs. Emil Peterson
            Edwin Johnson
            Mrs. Arthur B. Carlson
            Mrs. Ernest Duren
            O. S. Rydman

                       "Christ also loved the church, and gave Himself for it"  Ephesians 5:25

    The above names (some with address and telephone numbers) copied from Address Calendar of The First Swedish Baptist Temple, (former name of Temple Baptist Church,)  as pictured above.

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