A Group From Temple
Visiting the County Poor Farm

February, 1943

From Left:  Mr. Ray Lott, Miss Evelyn Anderson, Mr. Stanley Christiansen, Miss Viola Anderson, Miss Marjorie Rydman, Miss Betty Hallgren, Mr. Dave Carlson, Miss Maydora Westerlund.

    The Multnomah County Poor Farm was built in 1911, located east of Portland between the towns of Wood Village and Troutdale.  It served as a self-sufficient farm operated by the residents. They raised fruits and vegetables as well as all types of farm animals.  There was a dairy, a meat packing plant, a cannery, a laundry, kitchen, and hospital.   In 1947, it was turned into a nursing home until it closed in 1982.  It sat slowly dilapidating until purchased by the McMenamin brothers in 1990 from Multnomah County.  Today the 25 acres and the original buildings have been transformed into a European style village which is well worth a visit.  

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