Mr. Axel E. Anderson


    Axel Anderson was born in Tofta, Godtland, Sweden on March 18, 1885.  Tofta is located on the island of Mr. and Mrs. Axel Anderson (Minnie) Gotland which is off the coast of Sweden in the Baltic Sea.  Tofta is about 10-20 km south of Visby.  
Axel was the younger brother of Carl.  Axel left Sweden from Stenkulma, Gotland in 1903.  After arriving in the United States he stayed in Chicago for a while.  He then traveled from Chicago to Portland in 1904.  Axel and his brother Carl were baptized at our church in Portland on September 26, 1904 and welcomed in  to the fellow ship of the First Swedish Baptist Church, known now as Temple Baptist Church on October 30, 1904.  He married Minnie Stone on June 21, 1911.  Rev. Fredrick Linden was the pastor of the church in 1911 till 1916.  They had three daughters, Evelyn, Viola and Margaret.  After the sisters were married, their names became Evelyn Lott, Viola Christiansen and Margaret (Peggy) Larson.
The majority of the above account was taken from records kept in the office at Temple Baptist Church.

    Axel came to the United States in about 1903, stopping in Chicago, Illinois to see his older brother and then on to Portland, Oregon about, 1904, where he made his home.
    He became involved at the First Swedish Baptist Church where he became a member an met his wife, Minnie (Fredrika Wilhelmina) Stone.  She was born in Forshem, Vastargötland, Sweden on November 18, 1880, and came to Minnesota, USA in 1886.  Minnie was 5 years old then.  Around 1906, Minnie came to Portland and found employment doing domestic work and attended the First Swedish Baptist Church.  Axel and Minnie were married on June 21, 1911 by the pastor of the First Swedish Baptist Church.  Their lives centered in the church.  Axel received a plaque for singing in the choir for 50 years.  He also served as Trustee and Deacon through the years.
    Minnie was active in the women's work and as a Deaconess.  They had three daughters who were married in the church and attended - Temple Baptist Church (First Swedish Baptist Church.  Axel worked for the Union Pacific Railroad for 38 years as a carpenter.

        This account was submitted by Viola (Anderson) Christiansen on March 10, 2002.

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