Mr. Morris Brask


    Morris Brask Skoglund was born October 26, 1915, to Johan and Hilma Skoglund in Portland, Oregon.  His parents were Swedish Mr. and Mrs. Morris (Morrie and Evelyn) Brask  about 1977immigrants who settled in Linnton in 1910, because of the lumber mill that was there.  They left Sweden because farming was very poor at that time and the country was in a severe depression.  Morris was the youngest of the family with two older sisters, Judith and Minnie.
    When Morris was 3 years old, both his parents died within two months of each other.  His father died in the flu epidemic in Portland in 1918.  His mother died of cancer.
    Morris was raised by Joel and Beda Brask, also Swedish immigrants, who had four older daughters.  Joel and Johan had worked together in the lumber mill.
    Joel built their family home on NE 50th and Irving by himself carrying the lumber home from the mill on his back.  He later had a shoe shop.
    Morris began attending the now Temple Baptist Church as a child with Eva, the youngest Brask daughter.  They often rode the streetcar.  Morris loved Sunday School and found the Lord through his attendance there.
    Morris attended Mt. Tabor grammar school under the name of Brask and graduated in 1929.  He went on to Benson Polytechnic High School and graduated in 1934.  Even as a child, Morris was a very hard worker.  He picked berries, did landscaping work at age 12 and also delivered groceries.  He delivered the Oregon Journal from age 14 through his high school years.
     His life long friends all came from Temple.  They include Rev. Ned Holmgren, Harold Johnson, Eddie Erickson, Norman Ryberg, and Dave Carlson.  Morris's social activities included being active in the youth program and men's basketball team.  He also sang in the young men's choir and traveled to conference churches in the Northwest.
    After graduating from high school, he got a job through his friend Harold Johnson at Walker Tire and Battery.  After several years, itEvelyn and Morrie taken 8-4-2002, 75th anniversay of Temple' building became Walker's Truck and Trailer and there he met Evelyn Newby, who would become his wife.  They were married on June 1, 1941, a Sunday afternoon, at the Temple Parsonage by Rev. Linus Johnson.
    Morris and Evelyn had two daughters, June and Joanne.  In the early 1960's they were baptized as a family by Rev. David Danielson, the pastor at Temple at that time.  Morris has served Temple in many capacities over the years.  He was chairman of the Board of Trustee's which over saw decisions related to the church building and its many projects.  He retired from 25 years as head usher in 1987 and continued to assist for a number of years after that.
    Morris worked over 25 years at Instrument Sales and Service as Manager of the manufacturing department.  He retired at age 70 and he and Evelyn continued to support and attend Temple Baptist Church.

    Morrie and Evelyn's favorite Bible Verse is Romans 10:9
        That if thou confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

    This account of her dad, was submitted by Mrs. June Green.  

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