Centennial Quilt

    Commemorating a rich religious heritage, 25 women (listed below), under the direction of Mrs. Edith Ryberg, created a colorful hand appliquéd wall quilt featuring component ministries of the church's first century for the Centennial Celebration.  Each square depicts an event or occasion in the first 100 years of Temple's history.
    Temple Baptist Church near the Lloyd Center In Portland Oregon is the host church for the 1984 Annual Meeting of the Baptist General Conference of America.  The quilt measures almost eight foot square.
    At the present time the quilt is located in a glass enclosed oak wooden frame, hanging on the south wall at the first landing in the stair tower of the church.


The Quilt where it is located in the Stair Tower.


Sewing the Centennial Quilt The Centennial Quilt was made by the following ladies of Temple:
    Betsy Adams,  Shirley Bailey,  Evelyn Brask,  Hazel Brenneke,  Betty Carlson,  Donna Davey,  Floie Davis,  Becky Johnson,  Raleighta Kriens,  Beverly Loy,  Fran Maynard,  Lynn Maynard,  Ruth McCarthy,  Marilyn Nelson,  Violette Peterson,  Anita Prinzing,  Edna Porter,  Edith Ryberg,  Diane Shimomura,  Margaret Steele,  Hildur Strandberg,  Ella Turner,  Mettie Williams,  Ellen Wright.

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