First Scandinavian Baptist Church of Portland 

Minutes of church meeting
January 1, 1884

    "Protocol kept at the constituting church meeting in Portland Oregon; Tuesday January 1, 1884."

1.     The meeting was opened with prayer and Bible reading--1 Tim.3:8-16

2.     As chairman, Rev. G. Liljeroth was elected.

3.     Beside a number (åtskilliga) of Scandinavian fellow believers, there were present Rev. L. W. Hayhurst and Deacon D. W. Williams of the First American Baptist Church in Portland.

4.     The Scandinavian fellow believers present decided to associate themselves as a church built on apostolic foundation with Jesus as the chief cornerstone.

5.     G. Liljeroth was chosen as Superintendent (fõreståndare), for an indefinite period (på obestâmd  tid).

6.     As Deacons were chosen Bro. A. Olson, J. Palmblat och Edwin Stone.   

7.     As Secretary--Joel Lindquist.

8.     As Treasurer--August Engberg.

9.     As Trustees--H. Shogren, N. Blagen and J. Palmblad

10.   The name of the church shall be the First Scandinavian Baptist Church in Portland, Oregon.

11.   It was decided to have communion (brôdsbrytelse) the second Sunday of each month and business meeting (fôrsamlingsmõte) the Sunday before.  The meeting adjourned (afslutades) with prayer and the minutes accepted.

S. Anderberg-A. Engberg


Minutes of The First Scandinavian Baptist Church Meeting
February 4, 1884

        The meeting was opened with prayer and Bible reading.

1.     Mr. P. M. Holst was elected Chairman.

2.     It was decided to contribute $150.00 to the Home Mission Society.
                                                The minutes were accepted.

From the notes of Harley K. Hallgren.

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