Corvallis, Oregon

A view of Mary's Peak - A well known Landmark in the area.

    In Corvallis in the year 1845, three men and one in 1846, bought land from the Calapooya Indians sold lots and in opened a store in 1849.  Town officially was plotted in 1851, and was originally named Marysville.  A Baptist Church was organized at Corvallis in 1851.   In 1852, the Baptists erected the First Church and a school was started out of which grew and became Corvallis College in 1858.  The name changed to Corvallis in 1853.

    The facts in the paragraph above were taken from the notes of Harley Hallgern, written for the 1934 Golden Jubilee of Temple Baptist Church.  The picture shows Mary's Peak in the background.  The original name Marysville came from Mary's Peak who was named after an early Williamette Valley Settler Mary Lloyd.

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