Captain John Philip Forsander


Philip Forsander about 1910

Captian US Navy

    John Philip Forsander was born October 13, 1893 in Chicago, Illinois.  Was converted in Chicago and baptized by Eric Scherstrom, February, 1906, in Portland Oregon.  He entered Morgan Park (Bethel Seminary), in 1910 and graduated in 1914.  Married Thyra B. Johanson on October 29, 1918.  Their children were John Philip Jr., Dorothy Elaine, and Thyra Joy.  Captain Forsander served as pastor at Meriden Iowa, 1914; Evangelist, 1915; Council Bluffs, Iowa., in 1916 -1918; First Baptist Church, Centerville, South Dakota, 1918-1920; Holdrege, Nebraska, 1920-1924.  Pastor Forsander entered the US Navy on January 11, 1924 and served there as Captain in the Chaplains Corps.  He was in charge of Navy Chaplains of the Pacific Northwest area including Alaska with Headquarters in Seattle. (5th Naval District)

" Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance."
Psalms 33:12

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