Mrs. Hildur Strandberg


Mandy and Hildur Strandberg - photo taken in 1995

Golden Wedding Anniversary Celebration in Upper Room

   Hildur Alice Strandberg (Linde) was born on September 2, 1907 in Erie Pennsylvania.  She was the daughter of Sven Edman Linde and Anna Marie Linde (Nelson).  She had three brothers, Edward, George, Carl and three sisters, Martha Lovegren, Nellie Johnson-Cole and Elsie Dillar-Mann.  She excepted Christ at age 11 and was baptized at the Cherry Grove Baptist Church.  After High School Hildur moved to Portland to attend a Secretary School and work for the Healy family for room and board.  (Healy Heights was named after this family.)  She would ride the street car to go to the Swedish Baptist Church where she met Mandy in the youth group.   Hildur was received into the church membership at the Swedish Baptist Church by letter on February 7, 1926.  Mandy and Hildur were married on October 21, 1929 at Cherry Grove Baptist Church and their marriage lasted 65 years when Mandy went to be with the Lord.  Hildur and Mandy had two sons, Don and Paul who love the Lord and have attended Temple Baptist Church since they were born.  In October, 1969, they celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary.  The picture in the upper right corner of this page is of their 50th Wedding Anniversary. 
    She taught Sunday School for many years and helped out with the youth groups with Mandy on week end trips.  She sang in the church choir for years.  She is still a regular attendee at Temple.  Although her eyesight is not what it use to be, her highlight of the week is attending Sunday church service at Temple.
    Hildur died and went to be with her Lord on April 17, 2006.  She was 98 1/2 years old.  A memorial was held to honor her life at Temple Baptist Church in the Upper Room on May 13.

    Her favorite Bible verse is:  For God so Loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish but have eternal life.                      John 3:16  

    Hildur's favorite Hymns:   are all the ones she knows.

Mandy Strandberg

    Mandroff Othneil Strandberg was born on September 16, 1906 in Bellingham, Washington.  Mandy was the son of John Eric and Mandy with choclate bunny and grandchildren, Sherryl, Keith, Philip, Natalie, Brian and Todd-taken in spring of 1970.Elizabeth Caroline Strandberg (Jonsdotter).  Mandy had 5 brothers:  Richard Erik, Jonas Albin, John Efraim, Jonas George, Josef Torsten, and Clas Emanuel.  Mandy's parents immigrated from Sweden to the USA on September 22, 1903 and moved directly to Bellingham, Washington.  Both parents worked together making custom tailored suits until his dad died when he was 15 years old.  Mandy then moved to Portland to live with his brother George to find work.  Mandy found employment at the Telephone Company and Lipman & Wolf Department Store.  Then Mandy got a job at Van Duyn Chocolate Company, and worked there for 43 years.  After retirement he helped out at the Candy Basket.  He was always active with the events of Temple Baptist Church and loved to give candy to the pastors and workers.
    Mandy died at home on September 4, 1995.

    The above account of his mom and dad and the photo of the "chocolate bunny," was presented, by Mr. Paul Strandberg, August 2002.

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