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Stanley Johnson, guest soloist     Dr. Linus Johnson, Pastor     Helen Tjernlund, organist and director

FIRST ROW, left to right,  Phyllis Rydman,  Viola Anderson,  Marian Johnson,  Jennie Anderson, Margaret J. Anderson,  Lois Sorley

SECOND ROW, left to right,  Mrs. Birger Arnbom, Mrs. Mandroff Strandberg, Mrs.F.G.Salstrom, Betty Hallgren, 
Mrs. Leonard Anderson, Mrs. N. Westerlund, Marjorie Rydman, Beverly Peterson

THIRD ROW, left to right, Axel Anderson, Ewald Asplund, Leonard Anderson, Lenus Peterson, Marvin Westerlund, 
Nathan Sjolander, Birger Arnbom, Lee Johnson


    Radio services were begun in 1933 and continued for twenty-two years on radio station KOIN during Pastor Olsson's ministry.  It was called the "Scandinavian Half Hour."  This ministry was an extension of the church and was self-supporting with listener and sponsor contributions.  The Gospel message was presented clearly and an increased church attendance resulted.  The programs were first broadcast from the New Heathman Hotel, later from the Weatherly Building, and still later from the church sanctuary, where the above picture was taken with Pastor Linus Johnson and guest soloist from time to time.  Arthur B. Carlson served as the business manager and early sponsors included Irv Lind Florist, Oregon-Alaska Importing Company, and Henry Peterson's Alaska Delicatessen, which was located at 70 SW Yamhill Street, in downtown Portland.

       The description above is taken from the 1st Century, a publication issued in 1984 for the Centennial celebration.  The hand written calligraphy for the title to this page, the picture and the list of names were submitted by Miss Jennie Anderson.   For a larger picture of the image of the church choir place your curser on the picture and click the mouse button.  For more information see the Notes of Harley Hallgren.

The following account is printed in the Annual Report for the year 1945.

    The Scandinavian Half Hour has presented 52 broadcasts over station KWJJ at 10:30 each Sunday morning during 1945.   These broadcasts were sponsored by Roy and Molin Jewelers, Pearson's Funeral Home, Lind and Pomerey, Erickson Brothers' Oregon Groceteria Co, and Henry Peterson, proprietor of the Alaska Delicatessen.
     The annual Christmas Broadcast was presented over KWJJ in a one hour program and a rebroadcast over KRSC in Seattle on Christmas evening.  The special Christmas programs were sponsored for by Mr. Arthur Pearson, owner of the Pearson Church, and Mr. George J. Strandberg, owner of the G and G Bakery.

Respectfully Submitted,
Arthur B. Carlson, 

The following account is printed in the Annual Report for the year 1947.

     The Scandinavian Half Hour of the Temple Baptist Church has presented 52 programs of outstanding preaching and music over Radio Station KWJJ each Sunday morning at 10:30 A.M., which is broadcast directly from the Church.
    These programs were sponsored by the following: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pearson, Pearson Funeral Church; Mr. and Mrs. George Strandberg, G.& G. Bakery; Mrs. A. Nelson, "A Bit of Sweden", Lind & Pomeroy, Florists; Mr. Henry Peterson, Owner Alaska Delicatessen; Ericksen Bros,. Oregon Groceteria Co.
    The 19th annual Christmas Program was broadcast from three stations as follows: KWJJ in Portland, Oregon; KRSC in Seattle; KAST in Astoria.
    These three one-hour radio programs and one hour transcription, including one-fourth page advertising in Svenska Posten and Standard Weekly, were sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pearson, Pearson Funeral Church, and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Carlson.
    The Scandinavian Half Hour Radio Programs were transcribed over ten times for our own use and to be rebroadcast for use of the world's most powerful radio station, "The Voice of the Andes".
    Dr. Linus Johnson has delivered 52 outstanding sermons.  Dr. Johnson has the best radio voice and delivery of any minister in this community.  The Scandinavian Half Hour is the best known Scandinavian radio program west of Chicago.
    Miss Helen Tjernlund, the organist of the Temple, has given freely of her time in playing the organ and directing the choir and as accompanist for the soloists.
    The Temple String Band and singers gave us three programs under the direction of Mr. J. M. Gordh.
    Mr. Stanley Johnson, our guest soloist, gave us an outstanding number on our Christmas broadcast this year as he has done the last three years.
    The Temple Baptist Church has not placed this radio program in the budget.  It is self-supporting and not financed by the church.
    The church organist, Miss Helen Tjernlund, all our regular soloists, guest soloists, the string band and Dr. Linus Johnson do not receive any compensation for broadcasting the Scandinavian Half Hour.
    Programs of this type which are sponsored by advertisers, the organists, soloists and musical numbers are supervised by the Unions and must be members of the Unions in most parts of America and are paid at least $15.00 per program 
    If the Temple Baptist Church had paid the regular radio charge for a 50-word announcement for the past 18 years for the publicity the church has received each Sunday during this time, the cost world be $9360.00.  Our church has received this publicity free of charge.
    The Temple Baptist Church has received untold publicity for the 19 annual Christmas progams broadcast from Portland Stations KOIN, KALE, KWJJ, and from Tacama, Seattle and Astoria.
    These Christmas programs were broadcast compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. George J. Strandberg and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Carlson.

Arthur B. Carlson, Radio Director


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