Dr. Bror Lundgren
Interim Pastor 1975

    Bror Otto Lindgren was born June 29, 1905 in Uneň, Sweden.  He was converted on October 12, 1931 in Saratoga Springs, New Pastor Lundgren York.  Bror Lundgren was baptized on Easter Sunday April 5, 1931.  He graduated from Bethel Seminary in 1936.  He also attended Wayne University in Detroit, Michigan in the years1936-1937.  Pastor Lundgren married Margaret Eleanor Abrahamson of Cadillac, Michigan on June 26, 1936. They had one daughter, Carol Margaret.  Pastor Lundgren was ordained on October 16, 1936 in Detroit, Michigan.  He was a pastor at various churches including Detroit, Michigan from 1936-1940 and Tacoma, Washington 1940-1975.  In 1975 the church asked Dr. Lundgren to fill in as an Interim Pastor while we were in the process of finding a new Senior Pastor.  We enjoyed Dr. Lundgren sermons with his brand of humor and down to earth teachings and his knowledge of spiritual things.  On September 27, 1976, Bror Lundgren went to be with the Lord.  He was 72 years of age.  A lodge was built in the memory of Bror Lundgren at Lake Retreat.  Bror and Eleanor served in the pastorate of Central Baptist Church in Tacoma for 34 years.

The following account by Dr. Lundgren is copied from the 1974 Pastor's Report in the Annual Report from Temple Baptist Church .
   In the very existence of Temple's ministry of the past ninety-one years, we find the purpose of the Holy Spirit to make known the Word of God through the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that the lost will be saved and saints will be edified.  How we praise God for ministers and lay people who have walked before us, whose faith and faithfulness have brought us to this point in time.  Many are now home in glory and we bless their memory.
    No matter how wonderful the past might have been, the future with God is bright for Temple Baptist Church.  The examples of the past are not for us to glory in, but to go beyond.  Let us survey our future from our present.  The Lord has placed Temple Baptist Church in Portland.  This church enjoys a good reputation in this city and throughout our Conference for faithfulness to the Lord.  There will be days of important decision and doing for this church.  They must first be days of prayer; we need to know the will of God.  The complexity of our society today will demand an increasing amount of dedicated effort to maintain a fruitful ministry for the Lord, and it will demand an ever increasing budget and a faithful stewardship of all that we have.
    How can we do it?  Only as we have faith in our Lord whom I feel sure can count on us as a church fellowship.  This church is blessed with good and able lay leadership and a faithful and loyal membership.
    Our ministry with you during the months has been a joy.  On many occasions I have found myself singing, "I Am Happy In The Service Of The King", and both my wife and I count it a real joy to share with you in the work of our Lord.  We sense in a beautiful way, the love you have for us, and the love you have for each other.  Let us pray that God will continue to strengthen our church in the bond of peace.

                                                                                                                                  Bror Lundgren, Interim Pastor 

"And we are witnesses to these things, and so is the Holy Spirit who God had given to those who obey him."  
Acts 5:32 

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