Mike Pinkerton
1995 - 2013


Pastor Mike - taken about 2000

Pastor Mike, Renee, Scott, Sierra, Andrea, Anna & Daniel

    Mike Pinkerton was born in Kansas City, Missouri on January 20, 1950.  Mike was raised in a loving family where he attended church and Sunday school every week.  Mike went through confirmation classes when he was twelve years old and would have told anybody at most anytime of his life that, "I was a Christian."  However it was in the summer of 1969, between his freshman and sophomore year in college, when he realized that something was missing in his life and asked Jesus into his heart and to be his personal savior.  
         The following is Mikes personal account leading up to his conversion:  
    "While I was standing watch on the bridge one Sunday, they put and announcement that anyone who wanted to attend Protestant services could be relieved from duty.  So I buzzed in on the intercom and requested a replacement.  I must confess that at the time it had more to do with getting off watch duty than any spiritual movement that I was aware of.  The service was led by one of the officers as a part of his assigned duty.  He wasn't a chaplain or anything.  There was nothing particularly remarkable about the service but when he opened up the Bible and read from 1 Corinthians 13, I was struck by a power in the Word that had not touched me before.  I went up to the office after the service and asked if I could borrow his Bible, but he gave me a Gideon New Testament.  I began to read, starting in Matthew and continued on through the whole time we were at sea.  Every free moment, I was reading the Word of God.  It was during that reading that I was struck by the fact that I had never entered into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  I had known all the facts, but not the conviction and surrender.  That happened in my bunk on the destroyer escort in the Caribbean Sea."
       Mike Pinkerton's father worked for the Small Business Administration for the government, so every time his father was promoted, they had to move to a new location.  Mike grew up living in many different places.  The longest he lived anywhere was during the four years of high school.  Mike continued on at college and graduated from Stanford University with a BA in English in 1972.  After graduating from college in 1972, he went to work for McGraw Hill Book Company as a sales representative.  Mike worked in sales and marketing for all of his early working life.  On March 20, 1976, Mike married Roseanne Renee Freeman.    In 1979, Mike received his Masters in Business Administration from St. Mary's.  In 1980, Mike and Renee moved to Kansas City where he was taking a job as a Vice President of Sales and Marketing for an industrial screen printing company.  Mike was baptized along with Renee, after she came to faith in 1980, at Olathe Christian Church in Olathe, Kansas.  While at Olathe Christian Church, Mike was involved in lay leadership and also at Olathe Bible church. As time went on, Mike gradually began to get more and more involved in the ministry of the church that they were attending in Kansas City and started working in the ministry of the church.  Mike was serving as an elder, teaching the high schoolers, and leading a home Bible study for a number of families.  As time went on, Mike began to feel more and more that his job was intruding on his real passion, studying and teaching the Word and he believed that God was calling him into full time service.  When he shared those thoughts with Renee, he was surprised to find out that the Lord had already been warning her of the coming plans.  As they sought the guidance of their pastor and friends, they all seemed to confirm God's call in their lives.  They sold their house and left their businesses and headed to Portland in the Fall of 1986 where he began seminary at Western Conservative Baptist, where he received his Masters of Divinity in 1991.  They then started attending Temple Baptist Church.  In April, 1987, Mike Pinkerton became Director of High School Ministry.  Mike was then ordained for the ministry at Temple on October 11, 1992. Under the leadership of Pastor Steve Roy, Mike became the assistant pastor.  In 1995, Pastor Mike's started his first year as Interim Senior Pastor after Pastor Steve Roy left Temple in the same year.  On June 1, 1996, Pastor Mike Pinkerton was called as Temple's Twenty Third Senior Pastor.  Pastor Mike and Renee now have five children; Scott, Sierra, Andrea, Anna, and Daniel.  They also have taken in many foster children into their home.

                                              Pastor Mike's favorite Bible verse:
And whatever you do, whether in word or in deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, giving thanks to God the Father through him."    Colossians 3:17

  This account was submitted on May 23, 2002 by Pastor Mike Pinkerton.

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