The Secretary's annual report 1942
includes the following paragraphs:

    "The mortgage on the building being due and payable June 15th.  Much thought was given to refinancing,  Dr Linus Johnson having a great deal of faith in God and man, asked for permission to interview the various members and friends of the congregation with a view toward liquidating the remaining mortgage debt which was $8,500.00 as of Jan 1, 1942.  Because of Dr. Linus Johnson's untiring effort and labor, it was possible to announce the final in-gathering and banquet for May 22nd.  At the banquet Dr Linus Johnson made a report of his efforts in securing pledges and cash and it was discovered that a sum of over $10,00.00 had been raised, this being more than sufficient to pay off the mortgage.
    A Victory Celebration was arranged for July 8-12 with former pastors in attendance.  Rev. Gideon Sjolander of Turlock, California.   Rev. V. E. Hedberg from Jamestown , New York and Dr. Hagstrom from St. Paul were the speakers and Mrs. J. Alfred Erikson from Oakland, California was soloist.
    The highlights of the Victory Celebration was the burning of the mortgage on Sunday July 12th.  Dr. F. G. Salstrom, Mr. Albin Rydman, Mr. Alfred Johnson, Mr. Axel Anderson, Mr. Emil Peterson, Mr. Ray Lott, Mr. Edwin Johnson and Dr. Linus Johnson took part in the actual burning of the mortgage.
    We praised God for His goodness and grace, for being delivered from the burden of debt.  Our joy was so great that another week of Bible Conference was arranged following the week of celebration.  Rev V. E. Hedgerg and Dr. Hagstrom were the speakers for the second week.

Notes copied from an account by Harley Hallgern.

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