The Old Pulpit

    This note was apparently given to Harley Hallgren by Judith Holst Nordell on July 12, 1955.  It describes the old pulpit that is currently stored on the 3rd floor of the west addition of the church.  The actual pulpit is not over 36 inches in height.  It seems that it would not be practical by today's standards.  Preachers must be made larger now days and require a taller piece of furniture.  It is a very unusual piece of workmanship as the pictures will describe.  The note says that the pulpit was made by Mr. P. M. Holst one of the Charter members of out church, and the father of Mrs. Nordell.  The plaque says:

Made about 1890 by charter member P.M. Holst.  
Long used in Deep Creek Church: Left to Temple Baptist Church, 
Portland, Oregon, by his daughter,
Judith "Mrs. John Nordell," Jan. 31, 1956

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