Reports from the Annual Meeting
January 3, 1925 from notes by Harley Hallgren

9.     Brother Laydgren read a report from the leaders of the church ("fôrsamlengens fôrtroerdemân").  Deacons and Trustees with recommendation that the church "get at the job" ("skreda till verket") of bringing to realization the building of a church on the East Side of the river. (Larabee Street)
        It was decided to adopt the report and appoint a committee for this purpose.  Election results as follows:

Planning Committee
Mr. Ernie Johnson
        Mr. Emil Peterson
        Mr. O. S. Rydman

Building Committee
Mr. O. S. Rydman                                                               Mr. Emil Peterson
        Mr. Ernie Johnson                                                                Mr. Ben Selberg
        Mr. Jacob Gordh                                                                 Mr. Leonard Anderson
        Mr. Alfred Johnson                                                              Mr. Albin Rydman
        Mr. L. Laydgren                                                                  Mr. John Loyd
        Mr. Arthur B. Carlson                                                          Mr. Axel Carlson
        Mr. Carl Anderson                                                               Mr. Harley Hallgren
        Mr. Axel Hearieteson                                                            Mr. Axel Alenius

February 3, 1925

 2.    Decided that because of the tie votes in the election of the Building Committee--16 members be accepted instead of 15 as previously determined.
3.     Decided that the Building Committee is authorized to choose a committee of sisters for advice ("samrċd") if it deems necessary.

May 5, 1925

6.     The Building Committee read a written report and recommended that a special meeting be called on the 19th of May and that the secretary send written notice to all of the members of the church.
        The report was adopted and it was decided to have a special meeting on May 19th to decide if we shall build on the lot on Larrabee Street or not.
        The Planning Committee presented an interesting report with floor plans of the new building.
        The Committee was thanked.

 Special Meeting
May 19, 1925

 1.    Decided to have the meeting in the upper room.
 2.    It was decided to discuss the location for the new church, also that no one may take more than 5 minutes.
 3.    Decided that after discussion vote be taken by secret ballot and that a 2/3 majority be required to settle the matter.
 4.    Discussion was spirited both for and against the location on Larrabee Street, but at the same time a good brotherly spirit prevailed.
5.     The vote resulted in 43 votes for the lot on Larrabee Street and 89 against, so according to the previous decision, there will be no building undertaken at Larrabee Street.
6.     Decided that the Building Committee find some other suitable place and report to the church.

November 5, 1925

 6.    The Building Committee reported that a lot had been found suitable for our new church at Clackamas and East 6th Street.
        It was decided to notify all of the members of the church so that they can find out for themselves and so come to the next monthly meeting on Dec 1st to vote on the church lot.

December 1, 1925

 9.   The Building Committee reported through its secretary and chairman that a suitable lot was for sale at East 6th and Clackamas Street.  It was decided to vote for and against this lot with the result that 95 voted for and 35 against. 
10.   It was decided that the trustees negotiate with the owner of said lot and that the trustees together with the Building Committee work out plans for paying for this lot.

January 1, 1926

        Addition to paragraph 9 of Dec 1st, minutes that the price of the lot at East 6th Street and Clackamas Street which measures 100 X 200 feet was $10,500.
9.     It was decided that the trustees were authorized to buy the lot at East 6th and Clackamas Street for $10,500.00.

February 2, 1926

5.    Chairman of the Trustee Board reported the lot on Clackamas Street between 6th and 7th Street had been purchased for the price of $10,500.00.
6.    Motion to thank Attorney Mr. Appelgren for his services were adopted.
7.    Decision that the Trustees have the authority to obtain a loan on the church property at 15th and Hoyt Street to meet the first payments on the new church lot.

March 2,1926

5.     Chairman of Trustees reported no loan had ye been  obtained on the church but they had a promise.
6.    Building Committee presented the following recommendations to the church
        (A) To hire an architect to prepare plans and supervise the building of the church.
    Decided to give the Building Committee authority to hire a competent architect.
        (B) To decide location of the church either at 6th Street or at 7th Street.
    Decide to leave this to the Building Committee to decide.
7.    Frank Ryberg made member of the Building Committee (perhaps in Alenius's place.  Alenius took letter to White Temple).
8.    Decided that a rough plan of church be prepared with estimates of cost.
9.    Decided that the Building committee work out some plan for securing means for the building of the new church.

April 6, 1926

        Decided on recommendation of the Building Committee to call a special meeting of the church on April 27 when plans for the new building will be shown, also that the secretary of the Building Committee by letter notify all members of the church.

Special Meeting
April 27, 1926

1.    Architect Walter Kelly showed drawings and plans for the new church.
2.    Secretary of the Building Committee advised that the committee had accepted the said plans.
3.    Decided that the church approve the work done by Architect Mr. Kelly and the Building Committee and that the work proceed.
4.    Decided on recommendation of the Building Committee to have a week of prayer meetings (so called Steward Week).

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