Dr. Fitz G. Salstrom


    Dr. Fritlof G. Salstrom was born in Alberta, Canada on February 9, 1901.  He arrived in Portland from Alberta in 1913 and was Doctor Salstrom baptized on November 30, 1917 at what is now Temple Baptist Church.  He married Gerda Brask who was a member of Temple.  She was baptized on February 4, 1917.  Dr. Salstrom was a dentist and had his office on the 2nd floor of a brick building on the S. E. corner of N. E. 42nd and Fremont.  While you were sitting in his dental chair, you got a northerly view up 42nd Avenue.  While you were sitting in his dental chair he would sing hymns to you while drilling on your teeth.  Dr. Salstrom is the uncle of Dr. Evans Nelson.  He loved his Lord, his church and was a most caring person.  He was involved in many committees around church as when you read this history page you will see his name pop up often.  Things got done when he was involved.  Often on Sunday afternoons after church Dr. Salstrom and Mr. Frank Jarl would go visit shut in people that could not make it to church.  He loved to pray.  I still can hear his voice at Mid week prayer meeting speaking to his Heavenly Father.  Gerda and the doctor had 2 daughters, Patsy and Shirley.

God's Stairway

Step by step we climb each day
Closer to God with each prayer we pray
For "the cry of the heart" offered in prayer
Becomes just another "Spiritual Stair"
In the "Heavenly Staircase" leading us to
A beautiful place where we live anew....
So never give up for it's worth the climb
To live forever in "Endless Time"
Where the soul of man is Safe and Free
To Live in Love through Eternity!          .......but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.  I John 2:17
                                               Helen Steiner Rice

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