1934 Annual Sunday School Report

    Some of the interesting facts reported at the annual meeting of the faculty and officers of our school, Dec 18, 1934 by the secretary, Evelyn Anderson, are as follows:
    There are seven departments in the Sunday School, namely, Cradle roll, Beginners, Primary, Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Adult, with an enrollment of 255.  this represents active membership.  There is also an associate membership of approximately 20, this being made up of these interested in the school, and class activities but unable to attend regularly,  The total membership is 275.
    Average attendance during the year was 186.  Largest attendance was 249, April 1st, 1934 which does not include visitors,  Smallest attendance was 136.
    There has been a marked increase in enrollment in attendance from the community and to date we find 40 enrolled from the immediate neighborhood.
    Fourteen members of the Sunday School have had perfect record attendance.  The students were presented gold pins and other forms of awards for their attendance.
Nine faculty meetings have been held in the homes of various teachers and friends.  At these meetings new ideas and problems of the Sunday School have been discussed as well as brief studies made of the lessons.
    In the spring, Rev. Olsson conducted a Bible Study before the weekly prayer service and the lesson for the following Sunday was studied at that time.
    In the fall, under the able leadership of Mrs. Birger Arnbom, Assistant Superintendent,
1934 Annual Sunday School Report, a thorough canvass was made of the neighborhood which resulted in an increased enrollment in this school.
    Special days have been observed such as Easter, Mother's Day, Children's Day, Rally Day and Christmas.  Special tags honoring mothers, were issued on Mother's Day.  On Children's Day, special invitations were distributed the Sunday before Children's Day.
    Banners are being awarded to classes having best record in attendance.
    A new class, The Temple bible Class, has bee organized with the pastor as teacher,  this class in the combination of the Senior Baraca and Mizpah Class.
    About six weeks ago the Sunday School began to make permanent record cards of the members, the cards giving name address, telephone number, birth-date and year enrolled in various Sunday School departments.
    On the first Sunday of the month, birthday offerings are taken for missions.  The offerings this year amount to $25.89.  From this fund, money has been sent to Miss Anna Carlson, South Africa, Bethel School and Russian Mission.  Cards of congratulations are sent to the younger members of the school on their birthdays.
    On July 4th, the Sunday School had its annual picnic and in the fall, a get-together for the school.
    Our treasurer reports $562.56 raised this year through offerings, including birthday money.  The school pledged $10.00 a week toward the church budget and according to above figures we are raising our pledge.  A special contribution of $7.40 was given to church when special funds were needed.
    Organized classes of the school meet at regular intervals and contribute generously to this school pledge.
    During the year, the following have been added to the staff of teachers: Mrs. J. Salstrom, Miss Emily Neil, Helmer Carlson, Hakvin Danielson, Mrs. Carl A. Olsson.
    The officers have been as follows:  Helen Tjernlund, Superintendent - Mrs. Birger Arnbom, Assistant Superintendent - Evelyn Anderson, Secretary - Mrs. George Nelson, Asst. Secretary - Mr. Birger Arnbom, Financial Secretary - Harold Chesney, Asst. Financial Secretary - Mr. Ned Holmgren, Song Leader - Mrs. Ninian Westerlund, Pianist - Ed Johnson, Librarian - Mrs. Harold Chesney, Cradle roll Superintendent - Mrs. Abdow Sundstrom, Superintendent of Beginners - Miss Helen Carlson, Superintendent of Primary - Mrs. H.K.Louie Hallgren, Birthday Secretary.
    The success of the Sunday School is due largely to the loyal support of pastor teachers and officers.  The aim of the Sunday School is to teach the word of God and win souls to Jesus Christ.  We thank God for the souls won, for the opportunity we have of spreading the gospel message and for fine cooperation shown by the many friends of the church and school.

Respectfully submitted,
    Helen Tjernlund - Superintendent - submitted January 1, 1935

    Annual Sunday School reports since 1922 to the year 1937 are recorded in a book in the church office called "Annual Reports of the Sunday School."

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