Richard Weins


       Rev. Richard Wiens arrived in 1973 from Mora, Minnesota.  Pastor Wiens began an emphasis on church outreach,  the church Pastor Dick Weins purchased new busses and brought people in from all over the Portland area.  Mr. Jim Gallatin directed the bus ministry and Mr. Gary Nyquist served a Music Director.  Pastor Wiens was blessed with a deep, rich speaking voice and a concern for those outside of Christ.
    Church attendance and membership increased as a partial result of the extensive busing program.  As attendance increased, space was at a premium, primarily due to Sunday School overcrowding.  By the mid-70's, the question arose over whether Temple should remain in its present location or move to the suburbs.  The decision of the church was to remain at its present location, remodel the building, and expand the usable space.
    The stairs at the south end of the foyer were removed and a stair tower was built.  The front of the sanctuary was remodeled.  The lattice work over the choir loft was removed and replace with red oak wood work by Mr. Paul Strandberg.  A new organ was installed.  Rugs were placed through out the church and Sunday School rooms were enlarged.  The library was moved to its present location in the room formally occupied by the prayer room.  The CustodialPastor Dave Danielson, Pastor Dick Weins, Pastor Fred Prinzing apartment was later remodeled to serve as the church office.
    While all the remodeling was going on, attention was given to the present structure of church administration,  the creation of a Church Board system allowed more flexibility in meeting the new challenges of the 1970"s and 80's. The Deacon and Trustee Board were replaced by the Elder Board.
    1974 was a year of growth.  The attendance in Sunday School rose to 550, The morning worship to 665, and the evening worship to 301.  New members in 1974 totaled 113 with 53 by baptism.
    Pastor Wiens said, "What we have seen is just a beginning of what we feel God would have for us in the coming year.  God wants Temple to become a Great Church for Him." 
    In 1974, Pastor Wiens resigned to return to Minnesota.

"Only fear the Lord and serve Him in truth with all your heart"
1 Samuel 12:24

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