Mr. Ninian Francis Westerlund


    Ninian Westerlund was born in Bethel, Minnesota on July18, 1895.  He lived in Portland with his wife Flavia for 39 years.  Flavia Ninian and Flavia Westerlund - photo taken in 1962 Gustafson, was born in Portland on September 10, 1901.  She was baptized into the church membership on February 4, 1917.  Flavia died on December 1, 1989.  They had one son, Marvin and a daughter Maydora Johnson.  Maydora is the wife of Mr. Bert Johnson.  
    Mr. Westerlund  worked for the Union Pacific Railroad at the Albina shops for 35 years.  He was a machinist at the railroad re-grinding the wheels when they would get worn and out of shape.  I started working for Union Pacific after I graduated from High School.  I can remember visiting with him several times at the Albina Yards before he retired in 1960.   Mr. and Mrs. Westerlund were faithful members of Temple.  Ninian was a member for 38 years.  He worked at church as custodian, served on the Board of Deacons, and was a Bible class teacher.  When he died he was a member of the Board of Trustees.  Ninian and Flavia had been married 42 years.  They had been planning a trip to Sweden, just before the time of his death.
Mr. Westerlund was 66 years of age when he died on May 21, 1962.

In the Annual Sunday School Report Book is a report written in 1930 and signed by Mr. Westerlund.  It states:

Swedish Baptist Temple Sunday School
"Young Pilgrims Class"
    "There is not much to report from our class but we have tried to be true to our calling and at all times strived to faithfully uphold the Word of God.  I believe at the beginning of the year we had a class of eight boys enrolled.  We now have 10 boys enrolled.
    During this year and part of last year we raised a fund of $5.00 which was turned into the Temple Building Fund on a motion by one of our boys and carried by a unanimous vote.  Our attendance has been very good having almost a 100% present every Sunday."
                                                                                                                Ninian Westerlund----Teacher

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