The Twelfth Street Church

NW Twelfth Avenue near Glisan Street



Artist sketch of the building

From origional photo, donated by Mrs. Albin Rydman

   Erected during pastorate of the Rev. Nicholas Hayland.  The building was dedicated August 1, 1887.  Cost of the building was $3,000 and the lot cost $1,300.
    David Hagg, the oldest living member in 1952 was baptized here six days after the building was dedicated.

    Pastors who served here were: Nicholas Hayland, Uno N. Brauer, August Westerberg, John Olander, David Oberg, Charles Asplund and J.A. Huggert.

    "The Lord Hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad."  Psalm 126:3

Fredrik Linden, Olaus Okerson, Charles Asplund, GA Osbrink, Andrew Olson - photo taken in 12th Street Church

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