Centennial Quilt

    Commemorating a rich religious heritage, 21 women (listed below), under the direction of Mrs. Edith Ryberg, created a colorful hand appliquéd wall quilt featuring component ministries of the church's first century for the Centennial Celebration.  Each square depicts an event or occasion in the first 100 years of Temple's history.
    Temple Baptist Church near the Lloyd Center In Portland Oregon is the host church for the 1984 Annual Meeting of the Baptist General Conference of America.  The quilt measures almost eight foot square.
    At the present time the quilt is located in a glass enclosed oak wooden frame and is hanging on a wall at the first landing in the stair tower of the church.  (If you scroll down to the lower part of this page you will see a picture of the Centennial Quilt where it hangs in the stair tower.)

    To see more details on what each square of the quilt represents, place you mouse pointer on the square and click your mouse button, otherwise look at the graph below the words to the song.

The Temple Quilt Song

Composed and arranged by Fran Maynard

A quilt, a quilt, a very special quilt!
This quilt is special-very, very special-
Because it tells the history 
of our one hundred year old church.

How did it come to be made?
Edith Ryberg had a small idea that grew into this quilt. 
Twenty-five women cut and stitched 
Using blanket stitches and appliqué stitches, Embroidery stitches and more.
It took these women two whole years
To complete this giant project.

The theme for our centennial is
"Let us go forward on the road that has brought us to where we are".
Our very special quilt tells about some events
That led us to where we are today.

Here is Olaus Okerson, the first pastor of our church. 
Then building number one
And building number two
And the church on Glisan

Next the church on Hoyt
Holy Bible, Book divine.  Precious treasure, thou art mine.
The next row begins with Mrs. Liljeroth leading the very first Sunday School class with just three students.
Here is Captain Johnson's wife, Ellen Johnson, breaking ground for the church we're meeting in right now.

This is how our church looked before the stair tower was added
There's a sweet, sweet Spirit in this place. And I know that it's the Spirit of the Lord.
Let us break bread together on our knees.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow.  Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Where He leads me I will follow.  I'll go with Him all the way.
In 1921, the first English sermon was preached after thirty-seven years of preaching Swedish (the language of heaven, some said).
Sweet hour of prayer that calls me from a world of care.
Tryggare kan ingen vara, En Guds lilla barn a skara.  Nestling bird nor star in heaven such a refuge e'er was given.

To Daily Vacation Bible School to Daily Vacation Bible School, Hi-ho-hi-ho and away we go to Daily Vacation Bible School.
Bus them in from the world of sin.  Bus the little ones to Jesus.
Silent Night, Holy Night.
Up from the grave He arose!

Rock-a-bye Baby........
Home, home, sweet, sweet home.  Be it ever so humble, there's no place like our retirement home which was the dream of Pastor Linus Johnson; it was started in 1944.
"Reach out and touch that neighbor who hates you.  Reach out and touch that stranger who meets you.  Reach out and touch that brother who needs you.  Reach our and let the smile of God touch through you."
Going to Lake Retreat, Lake Retreat, here we come.

Onward Christian Soldiers--Twenty-five men from Temple Baptist Church served their country in World War Two.  Twenty-four men returned from the war.  One man gave his life for his country
."Praise ye the Father, Praise ye the Son, Praise ye the Spirit, Praise ye the Triune God."
Coffee and hospitality are important parts of our church.
Christmas in September, many Circle meetings and cooking for the dinners of the church are projects of the Women's Mission Circle.

"The vision of a dying world is vast before our eyes.  We feel the heart-beat of its need, we feel its feeble cries.
"Our organ (Bach organ music)
Way up high on the outside of our church where many people never look is a carving of a cross and a crown.
Temple Baptist is part of a larger group of Baptists all around the world.  We are called the Baptist General Conference.

Tak fur matten, denvar richtig gut.  Hunger var fur ferlich, matten den var herrlich.  Thanks for the food.  It was very good.  Hunger was tremendous, food it was stupendous.
"Christ First" is the theme of the Chi Alpha House which is used by junior highers and high school youth.
The men who have pastored our church:  Olaus Okerson, Gustaf Liljeroth, Olaus Okerson, Nicholas Hayland, Uno Brauer, August Westerberg, John Olander, Andrew Johnson, David Oberg, Axel Vestal, Charles Asplund, Uno Brauer, Gordon Johnson, J.A. Heggert, Erik Scherstrom. Fredrich Linden, Carl Olson, C.A.Aldeen, V.E. Hedberg, Linus Johnson, Ellis Ecklof, David Danielson, Eric Lindholm, Richard Wiens, Bror Lundgren, Fred Prinzing.
The Last Square depicts the future of our church.  The Day Care ministry will soon begin and only God knows what the future holds.  Se we rest in the security that God holds our future.

                                                                                                                                                                  by Fran Maynard


The Quilt where it is located in the Stair Tower.

The Centennial Quilt was made by the following ladies of Temple:
     Betsy Adams,  Shirley Bailey,  Evelyn Brask,  Hazel Brenneke,  Betty Carlson,  Donna Davey,  Floie Davis,  Becky Johnson,  Raleighta Kriens,  Beverly Loy,  Fran Maynard,  Lynn Maynard,  Ruth McCarthy,  Marilyn Nelson,  Violette Peterson,  Anita Prinzing,  Edna Porter,  Edith Ryberg,  Diane Shimomura,  Margaret Steele,    Hildur Strandberg,  Ella Turner,  Mettie Williams,  Ellen Wright. 


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