Harold W. (Bud) Malmsten


Pastor Bud

Pastor Bud - wife Patsy, Mike, Terry Eugene.

         In September, 1963, Harold W. (Bud) Malmsten accepted the call to Temple as Assistant Pastor.  A recent graduate of Bethel Seminary, he emphasized the youth program.  For years he taught high school age, then college and career Sunday School.  Bud also led the choir and music ministry.  His patient discipleship of young people resulted in significant decisions for Christ.
    A number of young men were influenced during the time of Bud's leadership and responded to God's call to join in the ministry.  Among them were: Robert Lott, presently serving at Central Baptist in Tacoma; Mark Johnson, serving Addison Street in Chicago; Paul Goddard, serving Hillside Baptist Church in North Fork, California; and Jim Wright, now a church planter in Bend, Oregon, pastoring Deschutes Bible Fellowship.
    Pastor Bud has a sister named Fran.  Together they sang duet sometimes at the morning and evening church services.
    In June 27,1974, Pastor Bud and Patsy Fosmark were married in a beautiful ceremony at the church.  Just before the wedding, Pastor Bud officiated at the marriage of his father, Rev. H. Wyman Malmsten in Minneapolis.  Then the father returned the compliment and helped Bud get married in Portland at Temple.   
    Bud and Patsy Malmsten left Temple in December 1975 to accept a call for the pastorate at Loma Vista Baptist Church in Spokane, Washington.  They now have four children: Mike, Terry Eugene, Brad Wyman, Sara.

 "And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:19

    The following account is from the Church's 1970 Annual Report.
    The first student in the history of what is now Bethel Seminary was Rev. Christopher Silene.  This is of special interest to us because the grandfather of Pastor Bud Malmsten and Mr. Silene and one other Christian layman were working together in the North woods of Minnesota when Dr. Edgren's announcement came that he was starting a training school for preachers in the fall of 1871.  Brother Silene told the other men that he felt called to the Gospel Ministry but that he could not afford to go, financially, for training.  After praying together, Bud's grandfather and the third man told Brother Silene that if he would go to the Seminary they would share their earnings with him.  So Bud's grandfather was used of God to help provide the first student, and so the Seminary and our Christian Educational program go started.
                                                                                                                      Respectfully submitted, 

                                                                                                                      Harley K. Hallgren 
                                                                                                                      Historical Secretary  

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