Harley K. Hallgren

     Harley Knute Hallgren was born at Henning, Minnesota in 1892.  He spent his childhood there, went through the schools of the Harley in his younger days community, and then at fifteen years of age, went to work.  He was destined for the railroad.  A career that had great charm for many men of that day.  He started with the Great Northern, moved to Portland in 1910, and began his work with the SP&S.   His last position before retirement in 1958, after fifty years of meritorious service, was that of District Passenger Agent.

     As a boy he attended the Baptist church at Henning where his uncle was the pastor.  Arriving in Portland he identified himself with the Temple Church, where he was a valued member, servant and leader.  He has held a number of offices, among them that of deacon (of whom he was chairman in 1964), vice chairman of the church and Sunday School Departments and Sunday School teacher for forty years.  Harley was the Temple's Church Historian and without his accounts and notes, this history page would be hard pressed for information.

     Harley had a great many irons in the fire.   He had a zest for life and for living. He never owned a car and took public transportation or walked to where he wanted to go.  '¹In those days there were many homeless people in Portland as there are today.  In the course of Harley's walk to get from one place to another, when he would come across a person who was down on their luck, he would leave the person with his personal account of the love of God and a 50 Cent coupon good at the Buttermilk Mrs. Harley Hallgren (Louise or Louie) Corner.  Harley would then drop in to the Buttermilk Corner from time to time and reimburse the Restaurant for the coupons.'  
    He had been a member of more organizations than we can mention.  But the Lord's work was his first concern.  He was an earnest Christian, a dedicated churchman, a willing Temple servant, a staunch Columbian, a loyal General Conference Baptist Lay-person.
    The Buttermilk Corner was a popular restaurant on the corner of SW Third or Fourth and Taylor.  They charged 10 cents for a bottomless (all you could drink) glass of fresh buttermilk, plus had on hand an assortment of sandwiches and lunch items.

     Harley like millions of other young men was summoned to serve in the US Army during World War One. 

     Harley was married to Louise Marie Tjernlund (daughter of Rev. Axel Tjernlund).  Louie was born on January 16, 1891.  DuringHarley about 1960 her long period of illness she was tenderly cared for by Harley.  Their daughter Betty, still attends Temple and is married to Mr. Dave Carlson.

     Harley was a writer and historian.  He collaborated with Gideon Sjolander in the writing of "Minnessdrift i Ord och Bild,"- Temple history in the years from 1884 to 1924 written in mostly in Swedish.  He was the author of  Sixty Years and of several less elaborate historical booklets, most valuable in bring the churches history up to date.  He also collaborated with Professor John Due of Urbania, Illinois, in writing United Railway in Oregon. On July 21, 1976 Harley Hallgren died.  He was 84 years young and was an active member of Temple for 66 years.

¹These comments were shared by Mrs. Gene (Freda) Norvald.

Read an article from the Oregonian Newspaper written about Harley when he was a Travel Agent.

Because thy loving kindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee.
     Thus will I bless thee while I live:  I will lift up my hands in thy name.
          Because thou hast been my help, therefore in the shadow of thy wings will I rejoice.

                                                                                                                                     Psalm 63:3,4,7

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