Various Accounts from the Note Book of Harley Hallgren


January 1, 1884

    After the baptismal service on New Year's Eve 1883, the participants and those who had witnessed the public confession of faith in Christ, all went to their homes or lodgings, some on the west side and some across the river in east Portland.
    New Year's Day 1884 dawned and the households were astir with excitement.  "This is the day the Lord hath made!  Let us rejoice and be glad in it."
    Besides a number of Scandinavian fellow believers, the acting pastor, Rev. L. W. Hayhurst, and Deacon D. W. Williams of the First American Baptist Church were present.
    D. W. Williams was a commission merchant who gave much time to the Lord's work.  He had been a deacon of the First church since its organization in 1860, and was one of the leaders in the Chinese Mission of the American church.  There were said to be some 5,000 Chinese in Portland at that time.
    Besides the eight that had been baptized by Liljeroth, there were eight others who transferred their membership from other churches to join in organizing the First Scandinavian Baptist Church of Portland, Oregon.
    The meeting which was held in the First Baptist Church on the southwest corner of Fourth and Alder Streets was opened with prayer and the reading of 1st Timothy 3, verses 8 to 16 in which the Apostle Paul urges the careful selection of properly qualified deacons and closes with these words:

    "These things I write unto you....that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.  And without controversy great is the mystery of Godliness:  God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory."

    The Rev. G. Liljeroth was chosen as pastor for an indefinite period.  Joel Lundquist was elected Secretary, August Engberg, treasurer.
    A. Olson, J. Palmblad and Edwin Stone were chosen Deacons and H. Shogren, N. Blagen and J. Palmblad, Trustees.  Shogren and Blagen were members of the American Church and so remained, though encouraging and helping the new Scandinavian Church.
    The minutes of the meeting do not contain the names of the 16 charter members but from a letter written shortly thereafter by Pastor Liljeroth we learn that they were Rev. and Mrs. G. LiljerothMr. and Mrs. John PalmbladJoel LundquistMr. and Mrs. Edwin StoneMr. and Mrs. August EngbergMr. and Mrs. John RoseP. M. HolstMiss Elizabeth PetersonMiss Lina JohnsonP. A. Johnson and Andrew Olson.  Liljeroth's letter reports that H. Shogren and S. Willman were elected deacons in addition to the three previously mentioned. 
    Mr. Willman, according to some records became a member in 1885.
    Some records indicate a 17th charter member a Mrs. Peterson who died in 1886. 
    As previously mentioned, Okerson had gone East in the fall of 1883, and did not return until the spring of '84.  Consequently he was not present when the church was organized.  "Herein is that saying true. 'One soweth, another reapeth, but it is God that giveth the increase.'"
    A Sunday School started by Mrs. Liljeroth soon grew to a membership of twenty-two.  N. J. Blagen became its superintendent when Pastor and Mrs. Liljeroth moved to Oakland, California in May 1884.  There too, Liljeroth was used of the Lord to help organize a Swedish Baptist Church.
    After a short pastorate in the Fourth Church in Chicago, ill health compelled the Liljeroth's to return to Sweden where Pastor Liljeroth passed away in 1891.
    In a letter to friends in the East, Okerson writes 1882:

    "I bought a lot in Seattle and built a house on it, traveled around and received subscription of money, lumber, nails, doors, windows and everything else I could get.  A Mr. Willard donated lumber worth $300 and his foreman in Seattle gave $100 for the "house of prayer" in Seattle.  After that I started in Tacoma; bought two lots for $300 and built a house on them; and got into debt.  There was as yet no church organization in either Seattle or Tacoma;......... The whole thing rested on me."

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Caruthers Street Church.

    "After that I bought a lot in Portland, and also an old shed that I moved in on the purchased lot.  Then I traveled around and begged money to pay off the church debts.  I now wrote to the East and asked for a good brother to take up the work so that I might be free to travel to the Eastern states to beg money to pay off the debts on the churches in Tacoma and Portland.  Liljeroth came, took my place, and now without salary I traveled on my own responsibility through Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware and gathered over $2,000; whereupon went back to the coast, paid the debts and had as a result three churches in the three largest cities out here.  Then I got Brother N. Hayland to Seattle, and in Tacoma I baptized a Norwegian, brother K. Nelson who has taken over the work there."
    "The work has gone forward.  Several capable and faithful brethren have come out here.  Churches have sprung up.  I rejoice over what I have seen God accomplish in untouched fields where now prosperous and promising churches are found.  All the glory belongs to the Lord.  I will close with this prayer, 'Thy Kingdom come.....'"
    In June 1884, Okerson returned form the East having raised over two thousand dollars besides one thousand contributed on the West Coast and another thousand secured from the Home Mission Society.  With this money a building, formerly used as a schoolhouse, and a large lot on southwest Caruthers Street and Sixth Avenue, was purchased and prepared for use as a church.  The old building was a one story frame building 30 X 40 feet with a wooden or frame foundation built at one end in two rows of benches provided seats.  the room was heated by a large wood stove which stood in the center of the middle aisle.  The fire was replenished now and then with fuel from the large wood box standing behind the stove.  
    In this little old building the Lord was worshipped, many powerful sermons were heard, and not a few souls were led to Christ.  One who attended the services in those days says he was constantly approached with the question, "My friend, are you saved?"  God give us all more concern for the lost condition of those we meet.  

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    Hard times came in 1884.  Railroad financial collapse resulted in much unemployment.  Work on the Portland Hotel stopped.  Some of the members moved out of town onto farms, some went back East.  P. A. Johnson went to Chicago and Mr. and Mrs. Rose went to Michigan.  Rose was a moulder at Smith Brothers and Watson Foundry but because he had not belonged to the union in Grand Rapids, Michigan, from where he came, he was not permitted to join the union here and was forced to quit

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    The Okerson's had a dairy on top of Mr. Zion and August Engberg worked for him.
    Okerson served as moderator and pastor of the church until October 1, 1885, when the Rev. Hayland came from Seattle to begin a fruitful ministry.  Hayland had studied in Sweden and also in Dr Edgren's school in Chicago, the beginning of our Bethel Seminary,  He spoke several languages, and able preacher, a musician and an organizer.  Hayland played the organ and directed the choir as well.
    The Women's Sewing Society was organized June 23, 1886 with Mrs. Hayland as president, with the expressed purpose; "to work for the economic welfare of the First Scandinavian Baptist Church.  In this place especially and in addition do what it can for the Lord's work in general." 
    Miss Betsy Johnson (Mrs. C. A. Carlson) was elected vice president.  Miss Anna T. Ljungstrom, secretary and Mrs. Ingrid Nilson, treasurer.  Others present at this first meeting were Miss Ellen Johnson, Miss Augusta Stenstram and Pastor Hayland.  Miss Stenstram. who later became Mrs. David Hagg, sister of Edwin Stone.  She came to Portland from St. Paul, and became a member of the church by letter April 3, 1886.  At the time of her death in January 1944, she was the last surviving member of the small group that came in to the church in the years when the services were held on Caruthers Street.

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    Mrs. Augusta Palmblad who was the only charter member still living when the church celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1934 continued with us until January 16, 1938 when the Lord took her home.  The last service she attended was the Thanksgiving Day service in November 1937, when she sang a solo.  John Palmblad passed away in 1922.
    The Sewing Society held its first auction on October 14, 1886, when "Much rainy weather hindered any large gathering of people.  The meeting however was pleasant and the auction went off well."  Mr. Sandstone was the auctioneer.  Okerson furnished the cream and a number brought cakes.  B. Ljungstram had borrowed the necessary cups, etc.  $44.55 was received from the sale of the things the industrious women had made.
    One of the young women of this group was Miss Ellen Nelson who later became Mrs. Captain Johnson received into membership in September 1884.  From 1889 to 1891, she served as treasurer of the church and later president of the Mission Circle and she went to be with the Lord only a few years ago.  (At the time Harley wrote this.)
    Another active member of this first sewing society was Miss Lydia Lindholm (later Mrs. Nyquist) who continued actively interested in the church until she passed away some eight years ago. (At the time Harley wrote this.)
Mrs. Nyquist, sister of Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson who is with us today, (At the time Harley wrote this.), writes of those days:
"Portland had no bridges, a ferry at Stark Street and the Albina ferry.  A car line on Washington street from First to Thirteenth and one on First Street from Washington to Caruthers, with horse drawn cars."
    "The saw mills were all in the north end of town known as Slabtown.  Most of the Swedes worked in the mills, so they lived as close to the mills as possible.  The Swedish Lutheran Church was located at Burnside and Tenth.  The Norwegian M.E. on Twelfth and Davis.  These churches were always full as they were within walking distance.  There were only three Swedish families in  South Portland and only one of these attended the Scandinavian Baptist Church."
    "Most of the members were on farms and could not get to church more than two or three times a year.  There were seven girls who were members of the church and four more that attended faithfully.  Only two of the members sang so the choir was made up of these two, Mr. and Mrs. Hayland and the other girls that were not members.  The male voices were young men that were sufficiently interested in the girls to be willing to walk from two to five miles each way.  Hayland was choir leader and organist besides being pastor."  
    "There was absolutely no hope of doing any work among the Swedes when they could not be reached.  So Pastor Hayland got busy working for a new church.  He canvassed all the mills and business places.  Mrs. Hayland went from house to house and begged money for the new church....  So they got the money to pay for the lot."
    "How successful his efforts were we know as there was only $400 in debt on the new church when it was dedicated.  When we bear in mind how few members there were and that they were working for very small wages of living on farms it stands to reason that they could not have done a great deal no matter how hard they tried.
"So we should be able to appreciate the heroic work done by the late Rev. Hayland.  After the church moved to its new location the membership grew, souls were converted and added to the church and others came from the East."

The Twelfth Street Church 

    In 1887, the old church building and the last of the old property on Caruthers Street was sold so that the church had $2000 with which to start a new building.  A lot was purchased on Eleventh Street between F and G.  (Eleventh later became Twelfth and F was named Flanders and G, Glisan)  Building commenced in April.  Three hundred-ninety days of labor were required and were paid for at the prevailing wage scale of $3.00 to $2.50 per day.  The man in charge of the gob was paid $3.25 per day and a Chinaman put in ten days at $1.50 per day.  Total labor $945.80.  The plastering cost $281.00, lumber sash and doors $1021.34, paint $45.20, Plumbing, pipes, iron, etc, $269.25.  Insurance and Miscellaneous, $407.74.  The lot had cost $1300.00.  The total cost was almost $4300 and the building was dedicated at three o'clock in the afternoon of August 21, 1887, with six or seven visiting pastors present.  The Rev K. Nelson from Tacoma preached both morning and evening.  
    The auditorium, prayer meeting room and the parsonage had been completed.  Only $400 was lacking to pay all costs--there was great rejoicing and much thanks-giving and praise to the Lord who had so wonderfully led the little church.
    The outstanding individual contribution was that of Deacon Andrew Olson, a bachelor who worked in a planning mill.  He gave $200 in cash and paid $47.22 more in the preparation of one of the rooms.  Pastor Hayland gave $100.00.  There was one gift of $75.00, one of $60.00, one of $30.00, two $25.00 gifts, several of $20.00 each and some contributions of $10.00 and less.  Over $1000 was received.  The First Baptist Church gave $300.00 and were given the privilege of holding Sunday school at 2 p.m. each Sunday for three years.  Two persons gave their rings and one a watch which were sold for $19.50  Some donated labor.  We have dwelt at length on this church building project because it is a picture of what can be done by a small group of sacrificial believers under the inspiring leadership of a man of God.
    When Pastor Hayland began his work, the Home Mission Society contributed $400 to the church and $200 annually to the pastor's support.  Now that the new church was built, living quarters were available for the pastor and his family.
    The late C.A. Carlson came into the church by letter in February 1887, and was one of its most faithful members until the Lord took him home in *(93?).  He served as treasurer1887 and 1888, as secretary 1889 and 1890 and as vice chairman from 1905 to 1910 inclusive, besides many years as a deacon. *It is unclear what this date is suppose to be. 
    David Hagg, who is with us today (At the time Harley wrote this.) as the oldest living member, was baptized in the new church by Pastor Hayland on August 27, 1887.  (Mr. David Hagg died on December 23, 1952.)   Mrs. Anna Ljungstrom (sister of Mrs. Hayland), Miss Anna Person and Mr. Hagg were the first to be baptized in the 12th Street Church.  See the page on Mr. and Mrs. David Hagg. 
    A Young Peoples Society was organized , January 29, 1888, with a membership of seventeen.  L. Larson was the first president but served only a short time after which Pastor Hayland led the Young People's until he left Portland to return to Nebraska.  Later he was pastor of the Tacoma Church where he passed away March 14, 1900.
    On February 14, just a month before he went to be with the Lord, Hayland wrote to Editor E. Wingren who had baptized him 29 years before in Sweden.
    "Looking back I can say, 'All the ways of the Lord are goodness and truth;' That Father's hand that drew me to faith in Christ has been the power that has kept me in the faith and given me grace to proclaim, in some small measure, the gospel of salvation to others also.'"   
    A fellow preacher said of Hayland that, "He was Moody and Sankey in one person,
a distinguished preacher; a distinguished musician; a distinguished organizer--no wonder that those who heard him were thrilled and inspired."  And yet this remarkable man served our little church and preached eloquently to audiences that averaged less than 20 in number, in the Caruthers Street building.

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June 1, 1889

    On June 1, 1889 the Rev. Uno. N. Brauer came from Monmouth Illinois and remained as pastor until January 1, 1891.  He is described as a zealous worker, traveling extensively in the country, preaching every where a messages that led to a deeper spiritual experience and to a looking for the coming of Christ.  Brother Brauer and his wife are at present living in Seattle.   (At the time Harley wrote this.)  He has been blind for several years but is able to write letters on his typewriter.  These recent letters with rejoicing in the Lord and with earnest admonition to believers to be faithful and to be ever mindful of the Lord's soon coming again.
    In 1889, several men came to the church who became important leaders in the work of the church.  E. Hjalmar East came from Kansas City where he had been converted and was especially active in the young people's work.  The boats in the harbor were visited and sailors brought to the services.  Much personal work was done and many souls were brought to Christ.  Much interest in foreign missions was aroused and the young people's  society began contributing $40 per year to Dr. Ola Hanson's work in Burma.  This was continued for more than forty years.  Mr. East felt the call of the Lord to the foreign field and in 1894, left for out Swedish Baptist Seminary in Morgan Park.  After studying further at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and after completing his course in medicine, he went to Haka, Chin Hills, Burma as a medical missionary in 1902 where the Lord blessed his work during the ten years of ministry.  Ill health brought Dr. East back to the United Stated and to Portland where he was affiliated with our church again for a time and later with the First American Church.  He passed away in 1940.  
    Among those who were brought from the ships in the harbor to the services in the church was Julius J. Bremer who was converted and baptized in 1889, and served as secretary of the church from 1901 to 1904, inclusive.  Brother Bremer passed away in 1934.

Axel Vester

    Axel Vester became a member by letter in 1889 also and was very active in the work.  He was an able speaker and frequently supplied the pulpit.  He served at various times as as Treasurer of the church, Vice Chairman, Superintendent of the Sunday School, President of the Young Peoples Society, as Deacon and as Trustee.  When he passed away in 1934, he had been a member of he Hinson Memorial Baptist Church for several years.  

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Oscar Mihnas

    Oscar Mihnas was another who united with the church by letter in 1889, and who served as Sunday School Teacher, Sunday School Superintendent, as Treasurer of the church, as Trustee and as Deacon.  His quiet, friendly, unselfish service gave testimony of a walk with God.

Rev. John Olander

    Rev. John Olander came from Mead, Nebraska to our church in March 1893, after having also served churches in Sweden,  Providence, Rhode Island, Evanston, Illinois, Gothenburg, Nebraska, and in Stromburg, Nebraska.

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Pastor Linden

    Fredrick Linden was converted in Sweden.  He came to America in 1882, was baptized in Des Moines, Iowa in 1885.  Entered the Swedish Baptist Theological Seminary in Chicago in 1890, and served as pastor of churches in Ogema, Wisconsin, Duluth, Minnesota, and Seattle before coming to Portland.  In Seattle a large, commodious, brick building had been erected during Linden's pastorate.

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Gideon Sjolander

    Gideon Sjolander comes from a family of pioneer preachers.  His grandfather, Olof Carlson was baptized in Gransjo, Sweden, August 13, 1856 and was chosen pastor of the church the same day.  His two sons Carl and Allfrid Sjolander became able and much used preachers of the gospel.  The Rev. Allfrid Sjolander came to the United States in 1880 and served churches in various parts of the country.  Carl Sjolander was father of Pastor Gideon Sjolander, and of Mrs. Frank Jarl and Nathan Sjolander of our church.  He died when the children were all small and Mrs. Sjolander was left the task of raising her family for the Lord.  Young Gideon Sjolander became a sailor and followed the see for a time.  While at Hull, England, the entire crew of his ship was converted, including Gideon and the Lord soon led him into preparation for preaching the gospel.  He served the North Isanti, Minnesota, church before coming to Portland.

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Emanuel Bjorkquist

    Emanuel Bjorkquist came to the United States in 1885, and was baptized that year ar Red Wing, Minnesota.  After studying at Morgan Park, Bjorkquist served the church at Cambridge, Minnesota 1895-1904.
    P. Ryden in his Swedish Baptist in Minnesota (1918) says, "Bjorkquist is a man that seems to have time to do everything and to be along every where..........  He has been pastor and missionary, turn about, and serves equally well in either place.  He is now serving as Conference Missionary and corresponding secretary at the same time......  He has done, and to doing a good work and has earned everyone's respect and implicit confidence." 

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Victor Hedberg

     Victor Emanuel Hedberg was born in Rush City, Minnesota, and is the first American born pastor of our church.  He was converted when eleven years of age, and was already engaged in evangelistic work before he was eighteen.  
    In November 1891, Hedberg sailed with eleven other missionaries to Japan, under the Scandinavian Missionary alliance.  In May, 1892, he was baptized in Suma, Japan, united with the Japanese Baptist Church and by them was licensed to preach as a Baptist minister.
    Returning to the United States, he entered the Swedish Baptist Seminary at Morgan Park.  Graduating in 1899, Hedberg served the Berwyn church in Chicago, the Elim Church in Minneapolis for 14 years, the First Church in Los Angeles, the First Church in Chicago for 15 years and the church in Stromsburg, Nebraska, before coming to Portland.
    During the two and a half years of ministry in Portland, Pastor and Mrs. Hedburg endeared them selves to the entire membership and many others by their constant and kindly visitation.  Day after day they would start out early and keep on until late, calling on one after another, radiating cheerfulness and faith in God.
    Since September 1939, Pastor Hedberg has been serving the Chandler Street Baptist Church in Jamestown, New York.

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The Sunday School

    The Sunday School existed before the church was organized.  Mrs. Gustav Liljeroth conducted the school when started had only 2 girls in her school, which soon grew to 22 members as of January 1, 1884. This Sunday School at Temple Baptist Church (now named) is the first one mentioned in the Columbia Baptist history.  The Pastor and Mrs. Liljeroth left in May 1885 for Oakland.   N. J. Blagen, a Norwegian lumberman, member of the First American Baptist Church took charge of the school.  At the annual meeting on January 2, 1886, it was reported that the enrollment was 52.
    Nothing more appears in the minutes of the church until September 4, 1892, when N. B. Hedin became the superintendent.  Brother Hendin had recently came from Chicago and was a gifted and enthusiastic leader.  Hjalmar East was secretary and Goran Anderson, was treasurer.  Since then the Sunday School has developed and grown steadily and God has provided able teachers and workers.
    Many teachers have served long and faithfully but Miss Amelia Dahlgren has served longer than any other, having taught classes of girls, more than 35 years.  Group after group have come under her Christian influence and received the teachings of the Word of God.  In this she is typical of most of our teachers and it has been the happy lot of us in this church to have earnest, capable, devoted Christian teachers who have taught by their lives as well as by their words.  These teachers all testify to the blessing that comes from the study of the Word necessary in preparing to teach the lessons from week to week.
    Brother O. S. Rydman now the Honorary Superintendent of the Sunday School, served as its superintendent for thirty years, exactly one half of the time the church has existed and more than half of the life of the Sunday School. (at the writing of this account).  Time and energy were given unreservedly to the work of the school, to personally fetching pupils from disinterested homes and to supervising the many details of the school organization.  Hundreds of men and women, now grown, will never forget the Sunday School sessions and Brother Rydman's chalk-talks.  Click Here to read more information and see photo of Mr. Rydman.
From its original limited facilities, the school has been given more and more room until now in out present building, there are suitable rooms for all classes and departments.  Click Here to read more about Temple's Sunday School and see photos.

February 4, 1919 Is the date that talk has started for building a new church at NE 7th and Clackamas.  Click Here to read a detailed report of minutes of business meetings having to do with the new church building.           

Notes leading up to the 1934 Golden Jubilee and after:

    Pastor and Mrs. Linden went back into retirement at Los Angeles again.  Great plans were made to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary on September 4, 1934, but on that very day. while the church was being decorated Pastor Linden was rushed to the hospital for an operation, and went to be with the Lord only a few days later.   Mrs. Linden has since been living together with her daughter Mildred at Oak Park, Illinois.
    The Rev. and Mrs. Carl A. Olsson arrived with their family early in November 1933.  Pastor Olsson had served the church at Joliet, Illinois for many years and came at great personal sacrifice to serve the church our church at the time of general unemployment and financial depression.  He entered upon the work with evangelistic fervor and spiritual enthusiasm and the Lord added His blessing.

The 50th anniversary of the church:
      Was celebrated for a week starting January 1, 1934.  On New Year's Eve, the night before a baptismal service was held and six candidates were "buried with Christ in Baptism" by Pastor Olsson, just as fifty years before on New Year's Eve, five of the Charter members had been baptized by Pastor Liljeroth.
    During the week of celebration addresses (See the Program) were given by former missionaries, A G Sandblom and Emanuel Bjorkquist, Dr. G. A. Hagstrom of Bethel Institute in St. Paul, Dr. W H Rogers of the Hinson Memorial Church and D. F. W. Starring, secretary of the Oregon Baptist State Convention.  Dr. Jacob Kratt who was pastor of the First German Baptist Church, now known as Trinity, and Dr. E. G. Emanuel of the Arleta Baptist Church also participated.

    Mrs. August Palmblad, the only charter member then living, was the special guest of honor.   Mrs. Jennie L. Gilman, a daughter of our first missionary pastor the Rev. Olaus Okerson, was also present.  These two have both since gone to their reward as have a score or more of other early day members, who were with us ten years ago.  Our losses have been incalculable, but how great the gain of those who now are with the Lord!   

     The ministry of our church was greatly extended by the beginning of radio services, a Scandinavian Half Hour, every Sunday afternoon soon after Pastor Olsson came.  The venture was a venture of faith from the very first.  Sponsors were secured, contributions came from listeners, and as a result no financial burden has had to be borne by the church.  On the other hand many thousands have heard the gospel message, the church has become widely known and church attendance has been promoted.  At least one backslidden former member has been restored and only God knows the number of souls who have been saved.  Many messages of appreciation have come from aged friends and from others, shut in by illness or otherwise.  Since Pastor Olsson left, the work has been under the supervision of a Radio Committee.  Arthur B. Carlson has been the business manager since the beginning.  See the Radio Page for more information and photo of the choir.

    Special evangelistic services were held from time to time in which the church was assisted by Don Shogren, Pat Malone, Martha Pohnert, Ole Larson, Oscar Gunnarfelt, Ned Holmgren Roland Holmber and others.
    Dr Ernest W. Wadsworth, Director of the Great Commission Prayer League held a Bible conference in April 1934, under the auspices of the Union Gospel Mission.
    During the summer of 1935, Pastor Olsson used the Conference tent in holding evangelistic services in several outlying communities, assisted by Charles Sundstrom, Rev. A. G. Sandblom and others.
    On December 15th, 1936, Pastor Olsson closed his work in Portland to accept a call to the Englewood Church in Chicago, now known as the Emerald, Avenue Baptist Church.  Here he enjoyed a fruitful ministry for six years, when he felt led to resign to become a chaplain in the United States Army and is now stationed at Fort Scott, Kansas, which is near the Kansas, Missouri border.

    The minutes of meetings prior to December 1st, 1936, were written in Swedish; after that in English, by the same church clerk.

    The Rev. C. A. Alden of Los Angeles accepted the invitation of the church to become interim pastor and arrived in time to conduct the "Julotta" service Christmas 1936.  Pastor Alden took hold of every department of the work like the veteran that he was but a recurring physical ailment, brought his ministry to a close in a few months.
    At Alden's suggestion the church invited the Rev. V. E. Hedberg of Stromsburg, Nebraska to take over the leadership of the work until a permanent minister could be called.  Pastor and Mrs. Hedberg closed their work in Stromsburg on Easter Sunday 1937, and were on hand for the service Sunday April 4th.  Click Here to read a biographical account of Pastor Alden.  

    When the General Conference met in Los Angeles in July, Pastor, Mrs. Hedberg and a number of others represented our church.  Much spiritual blessing and Christian fellowship was our portion when a large group of delegates returning by way of Portland were entertained by the church at dinner and a service to follow.  A former pastor, the Rev. Eric Scherstrom was in the party and spent an extra day renewing acquaintances with friends of thirty years before.
    Brother Charles Sundstrom and Mrs. Sundstrom came to Portland in 1934, to study at Portland Bible Institute, having been associated previously with the Salvation Army.  They were baptized  September 9, 1934.  Sundstrom was licensed to preach November 3, 1936 and ordained to the gospel ministry September 30, 1937, and shortly afterward went to Vancouver, B.C. to take charge of the Swedish Baptist Mission recently established in that city by the Columbia Conference, which work our church was substantially supporting.  After a fruitful ministry in Vancouver, Mr. and Mrs. Sundstrom were called to the Swedish Baptist Church in Providence, Rhode Island, from where they moved two years ago to Los Angeles to take charge of the Swedish Baptist Pacific Home in that city, where several of our members and former members are now living.

    In September 1937, Ned Holmgren who had grown up in our Sunday School had been saved and baptized, served as president of the young people's society and attended Bethel Junior College at St. Paul, was recommended by the church for admission to Bethel Seminary.  On January 1, 1938, he was licensed to preach and after serving as student pastor and regular pastor of the church at Isle, Minnesota, was there ordained to the gospel ministry.  He is now the much beloved pastor of the church at Stanchfield, Minnesota serving the Lord with cheerful enthusiasm and devotion that he exhibited while among us in Portland.

    Special revival meetings were held from time to time.  The noted Swedish evangelist, Aran Anderson was with us for just two days in 1937.  David E. Anderson was with us in the spring of 1938, and the Rev. F. C. Hamlin in November of the same year.  In March of 1939, the Rev J. G. Johnson of the Elim church, Minneapolis, conducted evangelistic meetings.  All of these were blessed by revival and strengthening of the faith of believers and the salvation of some precious souls.

    Time and again, the church met to call a minister but not until the spring of 1939, did the Lord clearly reveal the man of His choice.  A call was extended to the Rev. Linus Johnson of the Temple Church in Duluth and after a visit by Mr. Johnson and much continued prayer, the church received his acceptance.  
    In September, 1939, Pastor and Mrs. Johnson arrived with Earl and Marion.  Beulah was in training at Midway Hospital, St Paul, and George was at Bethel Junior College.
    In September also a previously arranged evangelistic service especially for young people was conducted in our church by the Rev. Clifford Lewis under the auspices of the Young People's Evangelistic Fellowship of Portland.          

    On October, 30th, the church honored the Rev. and Mrs. Emanuel Bjorkquist and Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Hallgren in a joint celebration of their Golden Wedding anniversaries.

    At the annual meeting  January, 1940, the deacons brought as recommendation that it be the rule of the church that no deacon serve more than two consecutive terms.  It was felt that this rotation of office would provide an opportunity to put more members into the service of the Lord.  This recommendation was adopted.

    On February 7, 1941 it was decided to use the name "Temple Baptist Church" in all our publicity, and October 23, 1942, the name of the church was officially changed to "Temple Baptist Church" and the trustees were instructed to fill amended articles of incorporation.

    At this October meeting it was decided to adopt a clause or provision that would forever prevent sale or transfer of the property "to any group not having similar religious beliefs."  God grant that His Name and His Glory and His great salvation shall ever have their 
rightful place in the building and in the church and every member thereof.

    In the fall of 1940, Dr. Paul Rood was the preacher in a series of evangelistic meetings under the joint auspices of our church, the mission covenant Tabernacle and the Evangelical Free Church.

"Lord, lay some soul upon my heart,
And love that soul through me.
And may I humbly do my part
To bring the soul to Thee."

    The Rev. Oscar Gunnarfelt was our evangelist again in the spring off 1941.

    In February, 1942, the Rev. Ned Holmgren and his friend, John Valine conducted: "8 Great Days"--a full week of warm, friendly gospel meetings under the auspices of and with the enthusiastic support of the B.Y.P.U.
    A few weeks later, just before Easter, Dr. McCormick Lintz and his singer the Rev. Harry Bundy held a series of fruitful meetings.  A considerable number were saved and added to the church, Floyd Ankenberg of the "Midnight Brigade" of Chicago was with us on December, 1942, and in the spring of 1943, Dr. John Carrard preached a stirring gospel messages.  Much blessing resulted, believers were deeply stirred and souls were saved.  In the fall of 1943, Dr. Henry C. Wingblade, president of Bethel Institute was with us in an inspiring Bible Conference.

The secretaries annual report of 1942 includes the following paragraphs:

    "The mortgage on the building being due and payable June 15th.  Much thought was given to refinancing,  Dr Linus Johnson having a great deal of faith in God and man, asked for permission to interview the various members and friends of the congregation with a view toward liquidating the remaining mortgage debt which was $8,500.00 as of Jan 1, 1942.  Because of Dr. Linus Johnson's untiring effort and labor, it was possible to announce the final in-gathering and banquet for May 22nd.  At the banquet Dr. Linus Johnson made a report of his efforts in securing pledges and cash and it was discovered that a sum of over $10,00.00 had been raised, this being more than sufficient to pay off the mortgage.
    A Victory Celebration was arranged for July 8-12 with former pastors in attendance.  Rev. Gideon Sjolander of Turlock, California.   Rev. V. E. Hedberg from Jamestown , New York and Dr. Hagstrom from St. Paul were the speakers and Mrs. J. Alfred Erikson from Oakland, California was soloist.
    The highlights of the Victory Celebration was the burning of the mortgage on Sunday July 12th.  Dr. F. G. SalstromMr. Albin Rydman,  Mr. Alfred Johnson,  Mr. Axel Anderson,  Mr. Emil Peterson,  Mr. Ray Lott,  Mr. Edwin Johnson and Dr. Linus Johnson took part in the actual burning of the mortgage.
    We praised God for His goodness and grace, for being delivered from the burden of debt.  Our joy was so great that another week of Bible Conference was arranged following the week of celebration.  Rev V. E. Hedberg and Dr. Hagstrom were the speakers for the second week.

Dr. Linus Johnson

    Our pastor, had not only proved his ability as a leader and preacher in our own church, but also as a speaker and instructor in the Baptist Sunday School workers monthly meetings and institute, in the Baptist Minister's meetings, and as a teacher of Ministerial Students of the Western Baptist Theological Seminary.  Recognition was given him and we as a church were also honored when the honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity was conferred upon him at the commencement exercises of the seminary held in our church on May 8, 1942.
    Enough money was subscribed to pay the old debt, and in addition provide for some needed improvements in the building.  The most necessary was the panting of the exterior but funds are on hand for decorating the interior after the war.  Linoleum has been laid in various rooms and hallways.  
    The tragic war into which our nation was of necessity drawn, has here as elsewhere, taken our young men from us for a season.  But God is able "to make the wrath of man to praise Him". and we are looking confidently to the Lord to bring our boys home again when a righteous peace has been established.  And some day the Prince of Peace Himself will come and set up His kingdom of righteousness and peace.
    The war industries in Portland have brought great numbers of people from other sections of the country.  It is estimated that more than 100,000 persons have moved into Portland and vicinity.  It was laid upon the hearts of church leaders that now was the time to do more to reach newcomers and others in our own community for Christ.  To do more that a busy pastor and busy members could do.
    This led to seeking someone to assist Pastor Johnson in visitation work.  So Miss Lois Sorley was called from Wisconsin early in 1943, and immediately went to work calling from house to house and testifying in many of them.  The increased attendance in all of the services of the church including the Sunday school is no doubt due in part to this visitation program.
    With increased wartime wages , more money has been flowing into the church treasuries from willing contributors.  Many of the church members are regular tithers and testify gladly to God's faithfulness in blessing the remaining nine-tenths.  Pastor Johnson has cause to rejoice in seeing the results of his persistent teaching concerning the responsibilities and privileges of God's Stewards.
    Giving to both home and foreign missions has greatly increased and this too is in response to Dr. Johnson's leadership.  In addition, a parsonage fund has been started and already contains some $3,000.

Men and Women who have entered the ministry and missionary work from the church.

   Dr. E. Hjalmar East entered Swedish Baptist Theological Seminary at Morgan Park in 1894.  Studied further at Louisville and then a course in medicine.   Went to Haka, Chin Hills, Burma as medical missionary of the A.B.F.H.S. in 1942.  Return to Church History 1893

    Chaplain Phillip Forsander,Captain, U-S. Navy.  Entered Morgan Park in 1910.  Served as pastor a few years.  Became Chaplain U.S. Navy about 1920.  Is now in charge of Navy Chaplains of the Pacific Northwest area including Alaska with headquarters in Seattle.

    Sigfried Sandberg entered Bethel Seminary in 1922.  Spent a few years as a pastor.  Click here to read biography and see a photo.

    Ester Berglund trained at Emanuel Hospital is now in charge of Salvation Army Home for Girls in Spokane, Washington.

    Josephine Neil attended Adelphia College, Seattle, took special training in Child Evangelism at Oakland , California.  Has been engaged for many years in organizing and teaching classes in Child Evangelism. Click here to read a biography and see a couple photos.

    Helen Carlson entered Multnomah School of the Bible, Portland, in 1936.  Has served as teacher and registrar in the same institution since graduating in 1939.  Click Here to read a biography and see a photo.

    Ned Holmgren entered Bethel Seminary in 1937.  Served as pastor at Isle, Minnesota and now at Stanchfield, Minnesota.

    Henrietta Carlson entered Bethel Seminary in 1937 and graduated 1940.  She was appointed Junior missionary of the Columbia Conference in 1942.  Click Here to read a biography and see a photo.

    Helmer Danielson, minister of Wesleyan Methodist Church, Portland.

    Mrs. Mildred Danielson Backlin, wife of the Rev. Everett E. Backlin Spokane, Washington.

    Mrs. Judith Holst Nordell, wife of the Rev. John Nordell

    Charles Sundstrom, graduated Portland Bible Institute in 1936, ordained by this church September 30, 1937.  Now superintendent of Swedish Baptist Pacific Home, Los Angeles.

Pastors with year ministry began here.

1881        Olaus Okerson
1883        Gustav Liljeroth
1884        Olaus Okerson
1885        N. Hayland
1889        Uno N. Brauer
1891        August Westerberg
1893        John Olander
1894        David Oberg
1897       Charles Asplund
1902       John Huggert
1906       Eric Scherstrom
1911       Fredrik Linden
1916       Axel Tjernlund
1916       T. Gideon Sjolander    

1920       Emanuel Bjorkquist
1921       T. Gideon Sjolander 
1924       J. Alfred Erikson
1932       Fredrik Linden
1933       Carl A. Olsson
1936       C. A. Aldeen
1937       V.E. Hedberg
1939       Linus Johnson
1956       Ellis E. Eklof
1960       David G. Danielson
1971       Eric Lindholm
1972       Richard Weins
1974       Bror Lundgren
1975       Fred Prinzing

Church Officers Since 1884

Vice Chairmen
M. Johnson, O. Paulson, Axel Vester, C.A. Carlson, Harley K. Hallgren, O.S. Rydman, Albert Rose, F.G. Salstrom, John Nordell, Alfred Johnson.

Secretary (Church Clerks)
Joel Lundquist, Edwin Stone, M.L. Bjorkman, Mrs. Hilda L. Hayland, Andrew Olson, C.A. Carlson, J.M. Anderson, O. Paulson, C. Hjalmer Anderson, Julius Bremer, Gust Lundquist, John Loyd, Albin R. Nelson, Lee Johnson, James Johnson, Jacob Gordh, Ernest Hanson, Mrs. Mabel Hagey.


August Engberg, Andrew Olson, C.A. Carlson, Miss Ellen Nelson (Mrs. Captain Johnson), Charles M. Anderson, Alex Vester, Oscar Mihnos, Andrew Horberg, Andrew Jacobson, Andrew Trogen, John Anderson, Leonard Loydgren, Mrs. Emil Peterson, Alfred Johnson, Emil Peterson, S.L. Larson, Ernie N. Johnson 

Building Fund
S.L. Larson, A. Leonard Anderson, Ernie Johnson.

Helen Carlson, Edwin Johnson, Birger Arnbom, Ruth Hanson, Marjorie Rydman.

Past Mission Fund
C. Walfred Anderson, Edwin Johnson, Helen Carlson, Ruth Hanson, Betty Hallgren.


Past Financial Secretaries
Mrs. Emil Peterson, Mrs. Ernest Duren, George L. Nelson, Gustave Landeen, C. Walfred Anderson, Merrill Morgan, Eileen Johnson, Carl G. Ostrom.

Past Historical Secretaries
Charles Fosberg, Gust Hallgren, C.A. Carlson, O.S. Rydman, Harley K. Hallgren, Olga Moore, Dave Carlson, John Pearson.

Past Sunday School Superintendents
Mrs. G Liljeroth, N.J. Blagen, N.G. Hedin, Miss Irene Janson, Oscar Mihnos, Axel Vester, Andrew Hargerg, O.S. Rydman, Miss Helen Tjernlund, Birger Arnbom, Edwin Johnson.

Past Deacons
Andrew Olson, John Palmblad, Edwin Stone, (H. Shogren and S. Willman were members of the First Baptist but offered to be on the board to make a voting body) C. A. Carlson, L. Larson, L. Bjorkman, P.M. Holst, Magnus Johnson, Charles M. Johnson, Charles M. Anderson, N.G. Hedin, Axel Vester, Oscar Mihnos, Gustaf Gustafson, O.S. Rydman, August Anderson, C. Hjalmar Anderson, John Anderson, Fred Johnson, Gustauv. Hallgren, John Dahlgren, Harley K. Hallgren, Carl V. Anderson, Ernie N, Johnson, Verner Carlson, Claus Oak, Axel Anderson, Victor Anderson, Oscar Anderson, Nels Nelson, F.G. Salstrom, Victor Carlson, O. Mandy. Strandberg, Ernie G. Petterson, Carl Johnson, Ernest Hanson, John Johnson, Ed Johnson, Carl Stromgren, Joseph Westling, Alfred Johnson, Hakvin Danielson, Merriel Morgan, N.O. Nelson, Martin Wennermark, Calbreath Hagey.

Past Trustees 
(1884) Hans Shogren, N.J Blagen and John Palmblad. (1885) Olaus Okerson, L. Bjorkman. (1887 and later) Andrew Olson, David Hagg, M. Broman, C.A. Carlson, C. Sandstone, C.M. Anderson, N.B. Hedin, Magnus Johnson, O. Paulson, Oscar Mihnas, E. Hjalmar East, Axel Vester, Andrew Jacobson, Gustaf Gustafsan, Martin Johnson, August Anderson, Andrew Harberg, Hjalmar Anderson, Andrew Trogen, Albin Rydman, Julius Bremer, Leonard Loydgren, Oscar F. Kling, Axel Anderson, Frank Ryberg, Ben C. Selberg, John Loyd, Alfred Johnson, Emil Peterson, Leonard Anderson, William Mattson, S.L. Larson, Eric Lindquist, Waldemar Pearson, Gustav Almquist, Ewald Anderson, Henry Dahlgren. Ernie N. Johnson, Lee Johnson.

Past Deaconesses 
Mrs. August Olson, Mrs. Frank Ryberg, Mrs A. Vester, Mrs. Gust Johnson, Mrs. John Anderson, Mrs. Gustaf Gustafson, Mrs. John Salstrom, Judith Holst (Mrs. John Nordell), Alma Nelson (Mrs. Al. Westen, Seattle), Nanna Stone (Mrs. Leonard Anderson), Mrs. (Capt) Andrew Johnson, Mrs. Harley K. Hallgren, Mrs. C. Holmgren, Mrs G. H. Hallgren, Mrs. Carl Anderson, Mrs Verner Carlson, Mrs. A.B. Carlson, Mrs. A.G. Bloom, Mrs. Oscar Anderson, Mrs. Charles Fosberg, Mrs. William Mattson, Mrs. Gideon Sjolander, Mrs. S.L. Larson, Mrs. Emil G. Peterson, Mrs. Sophia Carlson, Mrs. Herman Hanson, Mrs. Ida Johnson, Mrs. Gust Brunander, Mrs. Eric Lindquist, Mrs. C. Walfred Anderson, Mrs. Albert Rose, Mrs. Arvid Arnbom, Mrs. Ernest Hanson, Mrs. O. M. Strandberg, Mrs. Victor Erickson, Mrs. Ernest Duren, Mrs. Carl Stromgren, Mrs. Swan Bolin, Mrs. Jennie Lindquist, Mrs. John Nordell, Mrs. Joseph Westling, Mrs. Betty Cedarquist, Mrs. Axel Anderson, Mrs. Ewald Anderson, Mrs. Albin G. Rydman,

Past BYUP Baptist Young Peoples Union Presidents
L. Larson, N. Hayland, C. M. Anderson, E. Hjalmer East, John Anderson, Hjalmar Anderson, Axel Vester, Andrew Horgerg, O. Seander Rydman. Axel Anderson, Victor Axen, Henning Leveen, Gust. Brunander, Emil Johnson, Ernie N. Johnson, F.G. Salstrom, William Hammarbeck, Miss Helen Tjernlund, Edwin Johnson, Milton Carlson, Miss Ruth Erikson (Mrs. Milton Ellison, Oakland)  Miss Doris Swanson (Mrs. Helmer Carlson, Seattle, O. Mandy Strandberg, Miss Gladys Carlson (Mrs Waldemar Pearson, Seattle), Ned Holmgren (pastor at Standfield, Minnesota), Helmer Carlson, Evelyn Anderson, Waldemar Pearson, Sigrid Sundstrom (Mrs. Stanley Gordh, Los Angeles), Ray S. Lott

Officers of the Church for 1944
Pastor and chairman--------------------- Rev. Linus Johnson D.D.
Church visitor and Missionary------------Miss Lois Sorley
Vice-Chairman-------------------------- Alfred Johnson
Church Clerk---------------------------- Mrs. Mabel Hagey
Assistant Clerk-------------------------- Nathan Sjolander
Financial Secretary-----------------------Carl G. Ostrom
Assistant Financial Secretary ------------ Miss Eileen Johnson
Historical Secretary ----------------------Harley K. Hallgren
Treasurer General Fund------------------ Ernie N. Johnson
Treasurer Missionary Funds --------------Miss Betty Hallgren
Treasurer Radio Fund-------------------- Miss Marjorie Rydman

Organist and Choir Director-------------- Miss Helen Tjernlund
Song Leaders ----------------------------Birger Arnbom, Lee Johnson
Chief Usher------------------------------ Henry Dahlgren
Church Custodian ------------------------Martin Wennermark
Radio Business Manager----------------- A.B. Carlson

Sunday School

Sunday School Superintendent------------ Edwin E. Johnson
Sunday School Honorary Superintendent-- O.S. Rydman
Assistant Sunday School Superintendent-- Birger Arnbom

Hakvin Danielson, Alfred Johnson, Emil G. Peterson, Joseph Westling, Merrill E. Morgan, Calbreath Hagey, Harley K. Hallgren, Dr. F.G.  Salstrom, Martin Wennermark, Axel E. Anderson, Earl V. Anderson, Edwin E. Johnson and the Rev. John Nordell.

Honorary Deacons--Claus Oak, O.S. Rydman

Gustav Almquist, Ewald Anderson, Henry Dahlgren, Ernie N. Johnson, Lee W. Johnson and Albin G. Rydman.

Mrs. Victor Carlson, Mrs. Eric Lindquist, Mrs. Betty Cedarquist, Mrs. Emil G. Peterson, Mrs. Carl Stromgren, Mrs. Axel E. Anderson, Mrs. Ewald Anderson, Mrs. Ernest Duren, Mrs. Carl Holmgren and Mrs. Albin G. Rydman.

Honorary Deaconesses--Mrs. Gustav H. Hallgren, Mrs. Ida Johnson and Mrs. Amelia Salstrom.

Christian Training Committee
The Pastor, Church Missionary-Visitor, Vice-Chairman, Sunday School Superintendent, B.Y.P.U. President, Mission Circle President, also Mrs. Earl D. Coffin, Miss Amelia Dahlgren, Miss Helen Hallgren, Mrs. F.G. Salstrom and Mrs. O.M. Strandberg.

Missionary Committee
The Church Missionary-Visitor, Treasurer Missions Fund, also Harley K. Hallgren, Edwin E. Johnson, Mrs. Emil G. Peterson, Mrs. F.G. Salstrom and Mandy Strandberg.

Publicity Committee
Miss Alice Gordh, Miss Ruth Johnson, Mrs. Ray S. Lott, Dr. F.G. Salstrom and Miss Maydora Westerlund.

Radio and Music Committee
Church Organist-Choir Director, Radio Business Manager, also Miss Viola Anderson, Miss Betty Hallgren, Alfred Johnson, Mrs. Ninian F. Westerlund and Miss Lois Sorley.

Reception Committee
Church Organist-Choir Director, radio Business Manager, also Miss Viola Anderson, Miss Getty Hallgren, Alfred Johnson, Mrs. Ninian F. Westerlund and Miss Lois Sorley.

The Young Peoples Society
President --Ray S. Lott
Vice President-- Miss Margaret Nelson
Recording Secretary  --Miss Alice Gordh
Secretary-- Miss Betty Hallgren
Treasurer --Stanley Christiansen
Assistant Treasurer-- Marvin Westerlund
Song Leader --Evans Nelson
Pianists --Miss Maydora Westerlund and Miss Ruth Johnson
Advisors --Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Morgan

The Mission Circle
President--Mrs. Emil Peterson
1st Vice President--Mrs. Ninian Westerlund (Flavia)
2nd Vice President--Mrs. O. Mandy Strandberg (Hildur)
Secretary-- Mrs. F.G. Salstrom (Gerda)
Assistant Secretary--Mrs. John Nordell
Treasurer-- Mrs. Ernie N. Johnson
Assistant Treasurer-- Mrs. Carl Anderson
Song Leader-- Mrs. O.M. Strandberg
Pianists--Mrs. Ninian Westerlund (Flavia), Mrs. Ernie N. Johnson

Program Committee
Mrs. Ninian Westerlund (Flavia),  Mrs. O. Mandy Strandberg (Hildur), Mrs. Ewald Anderson.

White Cross Committee
Mrs. Linus Johnson, Mrs. Oscar Lundgren,  Mrs. Arthur B. Carlson, Mrs. Norman Ryberg (Edith).

Chinese Mission Committee
Mrs. Swan Bolin, Mrs. Elmer Hanson, Mrs. Carl Holmgren.

Western Baptist Theological Seminary Auxiliary Committee
Mrs. Ernest Hanson, Mrs. A.B. Carlson, Mrs. John Nordell.

Decorating Committee
Mrs. Joseph Westling. 

Kitchen and Supplies Committee
Mrs. Martin Wennermark (Freda), Mrs. Victor Carlson.

World Wide Guild--Ann of Ava Chapter
Advisor--Miss Viola Anderson (Mrs. Stanley Christiansen)
President--Miss Maydora Westerlund (Mrs. Bert Johnson)
Vice President--Miss Margaret Nelson
Secretary--Miss Phyllis Rydman
Treasurer, Miss Patricia Salstrom

Presidents of the Sewing Society
Mrs. N. Hayland, Mrs. (Captain) Andrew Johnson, Mrs. Oscar Mihnos, Mrs. C.A. Carlson.

Presidents of the Mission Circle
Mrs. Charles Asplund, Mrs. Gustaf Gustafson, Mrs. Andrew Jacobson, Mrs. Hamstrom, Mrs. Gustaf Johnson, Mrs. A.G. Sandblom, Mrs. Frank Ryberg. Mrs. E. H. East,  Mrs. Fredrik Linden, Mrs. (Captain) Andrew Johnson, David Nelson, Mrs. Arthur B. Carlson, Mrs. Emil Peterson,  Mrs. Leonard Anderson.

The Honor Roll of Boys in the Service from the Church and Sunday School and Church families during WW II 
(at the time of the writing of Harley's Notes.)  

    Anderson, Albert
    Anderson, C.V. Jr.
    Beckman, C. Harry
    Berg. Allan
    Bohn, Norman
    Bolin, Clarence
 * Carlson, David
   Carlson, Fred Axner 
 * Carlson, James
 * Carr, Henry 
   Ekblad, Marvin
   Griffin, F.M.
   Hagey, Melvin
 * Johnson, John Bertel
    Johnson, Donald
 * Johnson, Earl
 * Johnson, George N.
    Johnson, Harold
.* Johnson, Lloyd
    Johnson, Willard 
    C. Keehn, Erwin A.
    Leveen, Donald E.
    Lloyd, Lester
    Loomis, Byran C.
    Michael, Harry W.
    Morgan, Frank
 * Nelson, Evans
    Pieper, Lyle F.
 * Ryberg, Norman
 * Sandberg, William
    Selberg, Burt, C.
    Stromgren, Lloyd
    Swanson, Lester
    Vicain, Gilbert
 * Vicain, Lester
    Westland, Kenneth A.
    Westling, Ted
    Wiebe, Robert M.  


    Lieutenant Henry Carr is the only one named in this Honor Roll to die in the War.  Read an interesting account of this War Hero with photos by clicking on his name.

* Members of the church when entering the military.

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Sixty-First Anniversary Dinner 
January 1st, 1945

Members  who joined the church fellowship more than 40 years ago and who have since had continuous membership. 


Order #


How joined



Rev. N. Hayland   1.                  Mr. David Hagg


Aug. 29, 1889


  2.                  Mrs. Emma Westerman Olson

by Letter

Mar. 2, 1889


Rev. Westerburg   3.                  Mrs. Catherine Nelson Mihnos   from Stockholm, Sweden


Aug. 23, 1891


  4.                  Mr. O. Paulson


Aug. 29, 1891


  5. present -   Mrs. Tillie Eklen


Nov. 28, 1891


Rev. John Olander   6.                   Mr. Carl August Berg


May 27, 1893


Rev. David Oberg   7.                   Mrs. Emma Bremer


Mar. 10, 1895


  8. present -   Mr. Albin B. Rydman


May 25, 1895


  9.                   Mr. Otto Seander Rydman


Dec. 30, 1895


 10. present -   Mrs. Lydia Nyetrom Anderson


Feb. 29, 1896


 11. present -   Miss Bessie Nelson


Feb. 29, 1896


Rev. Chas Asplund  12.                   Mrs. Amanda Palmblad Gustafson


Dec. 19, 1897


 13.                   Mrs. Ida M. Johnson


Jan. 29, 1898


 14. present -   Mr. Frank Jarl


Oct. 29, 1898


 15.                  Mrs. Hilma Ahlquist


Nov. 29, 1898


 16.                  Mrs. Edith Forsberg


June 25, 1899


 17. present -   Mrs. Betty Hasselgren Cedarquist


June 29, 1901


 18.                  Mrs. Gertrude Benson Leveen


Dec. 28, 1901


Rev. J.A.Huggert  19.                  Mrs. Velma Hanson Rydman   from Rockford


Mar. 28, 1903


 20.                  Mrs. Ida Dahlgren Lindblom


Oct. 3, 1903


 21. present -   Mrs. Freda Kling


Nov 28, 1903


 22. present -   Mrs. Emma Elizabeth Lindblom Anderson


Nov. 28, 1903


 23. present -   Miss Amelia Dahlgren


Dec. 26, 1903


 24. present -   Mrs. Minnie Dahlgren Rydman


Dec. 26, 1903


 25. present -   Mrs. Emma Sandstrom




 26.                  Mr. Eric Ericson


Feb. 2, 1904


 27. present -   Mr. Axel Anderson


Aug. 30, 1904


 28. present -   Mr. Carl Anderson


Aug. 30, 1904


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