The First Church Building

SW Caruthers Street near Sixth Avenue 



A drawing of how the church looked. Photo from 1933 newspaper

    The first regular meeting place of the church, now known as Temple Baptist Church, purchased by Missionary Olaus Okerson and used for services before the church was organized.  Largely paid for by funds raised in the East and Middle West by Mr. Okerson.  The building was used later as a residence.
    Pastors: Olaus Okerson, Gustave Liljeroth, and Nicholas Hayland.

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    The following account was copied from the Historical account in the Souvenir Program for the Golden Jubilee of Swedish Baptist Temple of 1934!   
    The church was organized on New Year's day, 1884, in the First Baptist church, which then stood at SW Fourth and Alder Streets.  The following members comprised the new church: Mr. and Mrs. John Palmblad, Rev.and Mrs. G. Liljeroth, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Stone, Joel Lundquist, Mr. and Mrs. August Engberg, Mr. and Mrs. John Rose, P. M. Holst, Miss Elizabeth Peterson, Miss Lina Johnson, P. P. Johnson, and Andrew Olson.  Mrs. John Palmblad is the only charter member left.  She was baptized on New Years eve, and has faithfully followed the lord.  Mrs. Captain Johnson was also one of those who came into the church during the first year.  Click Here to read Miscellaneous Notes from Harley Hallgren concerning the Caruthers Street Church.  

"Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it."  
Psalms 127:1

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