Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Stone

    Edwin Stone was baptized in Oslo, Norway.  August Engberg who was acquainted with Edwin Stone in Norway, sent tickets to for them to come to America in 1881.     
    The Northern Pacific Railway purchased the old Central school property in 1883 and the building of the Portland Hotel had
Mrs. Edwin StoneMr. Edwin Stone commenced.  God's hand was in this also, for it was to help lay the foundation of this hotel that Mr. Edwin Stone came to Portland from St. Paul.  With two other stone masons he arrived on the first Northern Pacific train; in fact, the first train to come into Portland from the East.  Mrs. Stone soon followed and with her came her sister, Elizabeth Peterson, who later became Mrs. P.M. Holst, the mother of Mrs. John Nordell, one of our present day active members.
    These three from St. Paul were at once interested in the work of Okerson and Liljeroth in Portland and were among the charter members when the church was organized.

The above account was taken from the publication, "Sixtieth Anniversary of the Temple Baptist Church" 1884-1944

Each time you look up in the sky 
Or watch the fluffy clouds drift by, 
Or feel the sunshine warm and bright, 
Or watch the dark night turn to light,
Or hear a bluebird gayly sing,
Or see the winter turn to spring,
Or stop to pick a daffodil,
Or gather violets on some hill.......
Or touch a leaf or see a tree,
It's all God whispering, "This is Me ...........
And I am Faith and I am Light
And in Me there shall be no night."           For in Him we live, and move, and have our being........... Acts 17:28
Poem by Helen Steiner Rice

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SW Morrison St. Looking West about 1910

    This image shows the Portland Hotel on the South side of SW Morrison St.  The court house is in the foreground on the left and Meier and Frank is across Morrison St. on the right.  The view is looking West up Morrison St. from the corner of SW 5th.  The Portland Hotel has since been torn down and Pioneer Courthouse Square is occupying the entire block where the hotel stood.   This image was taken September 1, 2002 of a large photograph taken about 1910.

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