Minutes of meeting February 4, 1919

     The following image is a copy of the minutes of a business meeting at Temple Baptist Church on February 4, 1919,  written by Harley K. Hallgren.  Taken from a book Harley compiled titled "Miscellaneous Notes by Harley Hallgren concerning Building Plans for church on N.E. 7th & Clackamas." 

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Extracts from the minutes of various church business meetings
                                                                            February 4, 1919
     "A letter was read from the young Peoples Society which revealed that the Society is especially interested in raising some money for a church building fund but recommended to the church that it as such take up the matter in question in view of the fact that the time seems to be appropriate for such an enterprise.
     "(9) The above mentioned matter was taken up and it was decided to set aside the sum of $700.00.

      "(10)  It was decided to refer the subject to the Finance Committee to further plan for this matter.

                                                                                 March 4,1919
     "It was decided to lay aside the question of a new church building until the next church meeting - also that the Trustees investigate what a property would cost for a new church location and investigate where the most suitable place could be for a new church building.

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