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   The Oregon Baptist Retirement Home, originally was located at at 2545 NE Flanders Street in Portland, Oregon.  It was organized on October 19, 1944, by members of the Columbia Baptist Conference churches in Oregon and was incorporated by the Oregon Non Profit Corporation Act.  
    The need for such a home for elderly members of the churches had long been felt and to that end there was much prayer and planning.  Dr. Linus Johnson's coming to Temple Baptist Church in 1939 provided the needed leadership.
    The first property acquired was that of the Methodist Deaconess Home at the the address on Flanders Street..  This was remodeled and dedicated on December 2, 1945.    Two additions have been since then, extending the building to a block in length and two stories high, plus a full basement.  A spacious Montgomery elevator serves all floors.
     (Ninety-six  charter members were established on that day.)
    The Home had accommodations for 55 persons.  All of the rooms had hot and cold water.  In the new section that was added on, each room had a private basin and toilet.  A fire sprinkler system and fire doors that close automatically on contact with heat , separate the various areas.
    Wholesome, well-balanced meals were prepared by a competent staff in in the stainless steel kitchens and served, family style, in the cheerful, airy, well-lighted dining room.
    The Sunday services and prayer meeting reach the Retirement Home by direct leased line from the Temple Baptist Church.  Other groups and individuals came in to provide programs and services.  Daily devotions were conducted each morning at the breakfast table.  The residence is open to all Christians, in agreement with the policies of the Home.  Guest were received only on a monthly basis.  The Home did not offer nursing or bed care.  Trays were brought to those who were temporarily ill.
    The management of the Home has, since July 1961,  administered by Rev and Mrs. Walfred Johnson.  Responsibility and authority are vested in a Board of Trustees elected by the Association at its annual meeting in November.  The constitution provides that all of the Trustees shall be from the Oregon Baptist Churches in the Columbia Conference and that a majority of the Board shall be from the Temple Baptist Church.  the pastor of the Temple Baptist Church is a member of the Board by virtue of his office.  No church or group of churches has any legal responsibility for the support of the Home.  The following were members of the board at the time of this writing.  Officers of the Board were Dr. F. G. Salstrom, president; Mr. Harley K. Hallgren, vice-president; Miss Helen Tjernlund, secretary, and Mr. Arthur B Carlson, treasurer.   Other board members were Mr. Axel E. Anderson, Mr. Clifford Beeler, Mr. Stanley Christiansen, Rev. David G. Danielson, Mrs. Ellen Holmgren, Mr. Earl Johnson, Mrs. Ernest Johnson, Mrs. Linus Johnson, Mrs. Carl Larson, Mrs. Ellen Milton, Mrs. Emil G. Peterson, and Mr. Walter Salstrom.  Mr. Carl Anderson was Trustee emeritus.   
 Administrators of the Home have been: Year Served

Retirement Home - Board of Trustees

    Rev. and Mrs. David M. Anderson 1945-1949


   Mrs. Vera Swanson and Miss Evelyn Oster  1950-1952 
   Rev. and Mrs. A. O. Lundeen  1952 
   Mrs. Jennie Lindquist 1952-1958 
   Rev. and Mrs. Albin Christopherson 1958-1959
   Rev. and Mrs. J. Wesley Pierce 1960-1961
   Rev. and Mrs. Walfred Johnson 1961-

Names of those in the picture above from left to right:

Mrs. Ellen Holmgren,  Mr. Axel Anderson,  Mr. Carl Anderson,  Mr. Clifford Beeler,  Mr. Stanley Christiansen,  Miss Helen Tjernlund, 
Mr. Arthur B Carlson,  Dr. F G Salstrom,  Mr. Harley K. Hallgren,  Mrs. Walfred Johnson,  Rev. David G Danielson,  Mrs. Linus Johnson, Mrs. Carl Larson,  Mrs. Emil G. Peterson,  Mrs. Ellen Milton,  Mrs. Arthur B Carlson,  Mr. Walter Salstrom.                             
Absent from picture:          Mr. Earl Johnson, Mrs. Ernest Johnson

The above account was copied from Gordon Carlson's book "Seventy Five Year History" of the Columbia Baptist Conference.

Oregon Baptist Retirement Home Charter Members

Click on the Charter members list of names to see a larger image with the names printed out.

    The home on NE Flanders Street was operated until the fall of 1995.  The property was sold on March 28, 1996.  On July 1, 1987 a property of 6 1/2 acres on NE 108th and Weilder St. was sub leased until it was purchased on January 30, 1996.  The buildings were constructed, privately owned, leased and operated by the 7th Day Adventist Church.  When Oregon Baptist Retirement Home acquired the property they sub-leased it until it eventually was purchased.  After the purchase was made, the property was completely renovated.  The Entrance and Office shown below is to the Independent Living Campus.   Note: About 15 years ago the name, Oregon Baptist Retirement Home was changed to Oregon Baptist Retirement Homes.

Part of the of the Independent Living Campus.

Sign at the entrance on 108th Street

The Office

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